Report: “Apple Watch X” will upgrade the popular wearable for the first time

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Apple Watch models set out on a table

Annual updates to the standard Apple Watch have actually been nearly too small to point out for the previous few years, and it appears like that trend will continue with the new wearables Apple prepares to debut next month. But, according to a Bloomberg newsletter, a major Apple Watch overhaul is coming as soon as next year.

Dubbed “Watch X,” it will be the 10th edition of the Apple Watch that was initially announced in 2014 and launched in 2015. To commemorate the event, Apple is preparing the most substantial redesign of the Watch yet apart from the recently introduced Ultra, which is more of a spinoff than a direct follow-up.

Obviously, that’s not stating much. Each year’s upgrade has actually normally brought one little change– like a somewhat larger screen, a modest CPU speed bump, or a new health tracking feature targeted at one specific disorder– such that there’s little reason to update even when every 2 or 3 years, much less each year.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman wrote in his weekly newsletter on Sunday that Apple executives have considered moving far from a yearly upgrade cycle for the Watch because each update does not do quite enough to bring in attention. However the cycle continues in the meantime, with next month’s Apple Watch Series 9 set to offer bit more than bump in processor speed and some brand-new color choices.

X)in 2024 or 2025, though, Apple prepares to introduce a thinner watch case alongside a brand-new approach for attaching bands to the watch. The present design utilizes a sliding-and-locking mechanism that uses up area that could be utilized for somewhat more battery or other helpful parts, and the company’s designers are checking out a way to attach bands to the device magnetically.

Of course, the capability to utilize older bands on brand-new Watch models has actually been very important to customers, and it’s possible and even most likely this change will cause a seismic shift on that front unless there’s some workaround like a magnetic attachment that can slot into the old bands.

Ending support for older bands may look like a bottom line, but Gurman says those dealing with establishing the brand-new Watch designs believe there will be upsides for users thanks to freed-up space or a more versatile design.

Apple is also apparently working on a microLED display for a future Apple Watch design (though it was unclear from the Bloomberg newsletter whether this is slated for the Watch X or a later model). This could provide numerous advantages over the current OLED display, and it would be one of the first mass-market applications of the innovation for consumers.

Gurman keeps in mind that since the Watch X is meant to be a 10-year anniversary release, it could in fact land in either 2024 (the anniversary of the year the very first Apple Watch was revealed) or 2025 (the anniversary of the year the first Apple Watch was really launched).

If Apple keeps to the yearly release cycle and the Watch X launches in 2025, it will confusingly not be the 10th as the Roman character X suggests. But the iPhone X taught us that Apple’s item names are not necessarily beholden to mathematical good sense, so you never ever know.

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