Residue II Update 9.7.23 Is Out, Adding Potato Mode and Improving the Maximum Performance of High End CPUs

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As assured a couple of days back by Gunfire’s Principal Designer Ben Cureton, a brand-new Remnant II upgrade is readily available now on PC, while the console variation was briefly postponed due to a last-minute accreditation problem.

The upgrade includes a brand-new graphics pre-programmed called Potato, which is focused on setup at or near the minimum requirements. Surprisingly, Gunfire Games likewise included a brand-new Detailed Geometry choice that need to supposedly enhance the optimum efficiency of high-end CPUs.

Associated Story Upcoming Remnant II Update to Add ‘Potato Mode’ and Other Performance & Quality of Life Additions

— Performance and Crashes–
– Fixed a problem with Archon’s Chaos Gate ability that was affecting efficiency.
– Fixed a problem with Archon’s Havoc Form ability that was affecting efficiency.
– Improved efficiency on all phases of Annihilation Boss Fight.
– Fixed a concern where getting a product would trigger a little lag drawback for hosts.
– Various crash repairs and optimizations.
– Added a Detailed Geometry video choice, which is allowed by default.DEV NOTE: This choice permits users to disable the setting to minimize ecological geometry information. This will enhance the optimum efficiency for those with luxury CPUs. – Added a lower Graphics Quality Preset called”
Potato”. DEV NOTE: The Potato pre-programmed permits low end systems to
more strongly disable pricey rendering functions. Assisting them accomplish greater frame rates and smoother gameplay. – Streamlined backend connection when signing up with gamers games.DEV NOTE: This must resolvenumerous problems consisting of basic failures to link after”linking”screenand signing up with video games while utilizing a character with a great deal of equipment and products. The Remnant II upgrade likewise presents numerous Quality of Life functions, such as the capability to Hold the Sprint button rather

of the default Toggle, the capability to toggle the Aim button rather of the default Hold, support for PlayStation icons when utilizing a PlayStation controller, and a product refund alternative for both Weapons and Mutators, which refunds 50%of the scrap and 75 %of the products utilized for upgrades. Naturally, there are numerous other tweaks and repairs that you can check out in the complete changelog. Shooting likewise stated another upcoming upgrade will present a lot more quality-of-life functions asked for by the neighborhood, which currently counts more than one million gamers. Take a look at our Remnant II evaluation if you have not currently.

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