Returnal Director Harry Krueger Leaves Housemarque as They "Get ready for the New Big Project"

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Following the success of Returnal, lots of people are fiercely preparing for whatever follows from Finnish PlayStation Studios designer Housemarque, however sadly, the primary mind behind Returnal will not be contributing. Today it was revealed that Returnal director Harry Krueger will be leaving Housemarque after 14 years with the business. Here's what Krueger needed to state about the relocation ...

"During my 14 years at Housemarque, I've been exceptionally lucky to deal with one dream task after another, and had the advantage of working together with some really gifted and terrific individuals along the method. It's been an honor to accompany Housemarque on this journey, seeing our development from our smaller sized arcade-inspired titles to the splendid heights we reached with Returnal.

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We truly shook the pillars of paradise together, and I will permanently take pride in all the fantastic things we've achieved as a studio. Leaving from Housemarque was a really challenging choice for me, however I'm leaving the business with absolutely nothing however deep thankfulness for the past, and a radiant optimism for the future - with an amazing brand-new job in the works, a wonderful group that's more powerful than ever, and the constant assistance of Sony and Playstation Studios, I understand that Housemarque's brightest chapter has yet to be composed."

Needless to state, this is a relatively significant blow to Housemarque. In addition to leading Returnal, Krueger likewise directed Nex Machina and was the lead developer behind earlier fan-favorite titles like Resogun. As I found in a previous interview with him, he's likewise a truly great guy.

Krueger has actually not exposed what he may be doing next, although, probably, he'll be remaining in the market. When it comes to Housemarque, they let slip that they're still preparing for their next huge task, indicating it's most likely still someplace in the conceptual or pre-production stage. Do not anticipate whatever it may be to show up for a while.

What do you believe? Is this departure cause for issue? Or are you still eagerly anticipating whatever Housemarque formulate next?

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