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Roll20’s COO talks online TTRPG’ing during COVID, site updates, and new games

We spoke with Corey Rosemond of Roll20 to learn more about the company’s work in the TTRPG space.

TTRPGs have been a gaming staple for decades, influencing some of the biggest properties in entertainment. With the “tabletop” aspect usually requiring players to gather physically, players have had to adopt new ways to play during the pandemic. Roll20 looks to ease this approach with a suite of tools and programs for DMs and players to use. We spoke with Roll20’s COO to learn more about how it’s changing the gamer for TTRPGs.

Shacknews co-EIC Blake Morse sat down with Corey Rosemond, COO of Roll20 to talk about the company’s business. In the video, Rosemond shares that Roll20 was conceived as a way for a D&D group to continue playing after moving away from each other. He goes on to talk about how the platform saw major growth back in 2020. “What we saw in 2020 was truly exponential growth of our community. A lot of new entrants that had never played online before.”

With the pandemic causing issues for in-person gatherings, many D&D campaigns went to Roll20 as a way to continue their journey in a safe and enjoyable way. At that point, the program had already been live for 8 years, with plenty of feedback and improvements made over time. Rosemund and Blake also discuss how dynamic TTRPGs can be, and how the possibilities are endless compared to video games.

The rest of the interview includes a great insight not only to the magic of Dungeons and Dragons, but how that magic translates when played in an online format on Roll20. For more interesting interviews with creators, make sure you subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV.