RPCSX PS4 Emulator Now Supports Audio and Gamepads

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The upcoming PS4 emulator from the group behind the popular RPCS3, RPCSX, has been upgraded to support audio and gamepads.

Development on the new PS4 emulator has made great development, and as covered recently, the emulator is already able to runthe PS4 variation of Sonic Mania. Then again, you’ll need rather the setup to effectively run, and even then, the video game’s efficiency isn’t that great. In addition to being able to run this 2D Sonic entry, the emulator is also able to boot fan-favorite PS4 unique Bloodborne. Although the game can’t be played yet, it’s still remarkable that the group has managed to boot the video game without crashing in such a short period.

After displaying a video of Sonic Mania going through the emulator, YouTuber ‘BrutalSam’ has actually now launched a brand-new video of the Sonic title being had fun with audio and a PS4 controller – something that wasn’t possible previously. Excellent work from the group behind the job for sure. You can have a look at the video listed below (thanks Dsogaming):

Now, do not anticipate to be able to boot PS4 exclusives such as Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, The Ghost of Tsushima, and Infamous anytime quickly, however the progress that the team has been making deserves credit.

We aren’t really sure when the team started advancement on RPCSX, however we do understand that the emulator was first called RPCS4, which we discovered back in 2021. Fascinating to note is that the group started dealing with the RPCS3 PS3 emulator back in 2011, and has been making tremendous progress over the past few years. As covered recently, the RPCS3 PlayStation 3 emulator can run all PlayStation 3 titles, and a current new version of the emulator loaded extra performance improvements on different graphics cards.

The current build of the RPCSX PS4 emulator can be downloaded here.

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