Samsung Could Unveil Its On AI-Chatbot Similar to ChatGPT Called SimplyChat Later This Year

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The race for generative AI has actually become a lot more competitive, with a growing number of business working on bringing their own version of generative AI to mobile phones and other platforms. Just recently, we reported that Samsung could be dealing with a new AI-powered app that will be able to create videos utilizing on-device AI, and now a new report has actually shown up that the South Korean tech firm could unveil its own chatbot called SimplyChat at the Real Summit 2023.

Samsung is working hard to make generative AI an essential on its platforms

The Real Summit 2023 is going to happen on 12th September, later this year, and based upon the report, Samsung is expected to reveal SimplyChat, its variation of the AI chatbot that will work likewise to ChatGPT.

The report also recommends that the global launch is not taking place at this minute as Samsung will check SimplyChat first within the business and then will launch a version for the public. This is likely to make sure that there are no concerns coming in the way, thinking about how the report has actually discussed that this innovation is established in-house.

SimplyChat, which is made by Samsung, will launc with the standard performance of an AI chatbot. However, Samsung is intending on constructing it further into a proper hardware setup. As soon as the business releases it for the general public, the business will likewise proceed and begin purchasing AI servers, with Quanta and Wistron getting the biggest orders southern Korean tech giant.

At the moment, we can not confirm what will end up being of SimplyChat, but it is safe to state that Samsung is bought generative AI. This does make sense because starting later this year, we will start seeing flagship SoCs with on-board AI capabilities, and the big names in the market want to ensure that they have something that is prepared for the prime time and developing generative AI-based apps and services is a great way to start.

AI is certainly taking control of the smartphone industry much faster than some of us had expected, but it most likely is for great. It is still a relatively new technology compared to what we are utilized to, so we have a lot ot look forward to, and whenever Samsung does reveal SimplyChat, we will keep you posted.

News Source: Economic Daily

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