Samsung Is Working On A Display With No Bezels And An Under-Display Camera, Could Revolutionize Smartphone Industry

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It seems that Samsung Display takes place to be dealing with a bezel-free display. At the minute, we do not understand much besides the reality that the deal with such a screen has actually started, and currently, it is in the concept stage. However, if this thing does materialize into something completely practical, then that day is not far where we start seeing totally bezel-free smart devices.

Bezel-less phones could be possible thanks to Samsung, but do we really require them?

Jung Yong-wook, the handling director of Samsung Display, has revealed the plan to establish a bezel-less principle device at the Display Business Forum 2023 occasion. And understanding Samsung, that day is not far when we begin seeing a myriad of gadgets with such a screen, and while the next generation of Galaxy S phones is not going to be getting this upgrade, it is nice to state that we are going to look into some actually excellent devices in the future.

The executive discussed how Samsung display is dealing with an under-panel camera and a zero-bezel principle product, and the objective here is to develop something that will permit users to have a seamless experience. You can take a look at the slide that was shared by the source.

Samsung is Working on a Display with No Bezels and an Under-Display Camera, Could Revolutionize Smartphone Industry

Now, it is safe to say that Samsung is looking to use 3D lamination, edge brightness control, along with a much better under-panel camera. All of these combined will be utilized to bring the current phones with bezel-less screens to the marketplace. Obviously, it is still something that we haven’t seen in the market, and understanding how the progress in the smartphone industry happens, it will be some time prior to we start seeing this tech.

I really love the idea of a bezel-free smart device, to be honest. However at the exact same time, it does horrify me because if you get rid of the bezels, the screen will fall from the edges, and there is a chance that the phones could end up being more delicate, and we will require much better screen protectors.

Another thing to note here is that even if Samsung Display has actually chosen to flaunt what they are currently dealing with does not indicate that we will see this in an end product. There is always a possibility that the task is scraped completely due to the fact that we have seen this occur in the past, so take this news with a grain of salt.

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