Samsung May Launch A Galaxy S FE Model Annually As It Combats Dropping Flagship Smartphone Sales

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The launch of the Galaxy S23 FE might not be a one-time thing from Samsung, though it needs to be pointed out that the company did not proceed with a Galaxy S22 FE after the Galaxy S21 FE’s beginning. Regardless, with customers no longer updating to flagship smartphones as they used to, it is reported that the Korean giant will use them much better requirements in a more affordable pricing bracket through yearly Galaxy S FE launches.

Samsung is also reported to be dealing with a cost effective collapsible lineup called Galaxy Z FE

An earlier report from Counterpoint Research mentioned that mobile phone shipments will witness the biggest decline in a period of 10 years, and regrettably for Samsung, it too will be a casualty of this decline. Given that several areas are going through a period of economic downturn, consumers have to prioritize their funds on other expenses rather than upgrading to the flashiest flagship offerings.

On X, Revegnus has actually pointed out that Samsung intends to continue with a yearly Galaxy S FE launch, starting with the Galaxy S23 FE, which is right around the corner. Additionally, the business intends to deal with more budget-friendly foldable smart devices, which have yet to offer a pocket-friendly solution, however that will happen after the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 launch. Comparable to the Galaxy S FE name, Samsung may present a brand new lineup called Galaxy Z FE.

While the current rumor does not talk about any specs, in the past, we have actually seen the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21 FE offer flagship internals for a substantially lower rate than their flagship equivalents. Nevertheless, these come at an expense, ranging from making use of a plastic chassis instead of an aluminum one not to mention an inferior electronic camera setup. Fortunately, customers will be more stimulated at the possibility of getting their hands on a high-end smart device for less money than having remarkable camera hardware.

The Galaxy S20 FE launch amassed immense success for Samsung, crossing 10 million unitsthanks to its price-to-performance ratio, showing that future models can absolutely help shape the company’s future in the years to come.

News Source: Revegnus

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