Samsung Receives Huge Order of HBM3 Memory To Power AMD MI300X GPUs

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AMD has reportedly settled a handle Samsung to utilize its advanced HBM3 memory and the respective product packaging technology for MI300X GPUs.

Samsung HBM3 Memory & Packaging Technology To Be Utilized By AMD MI300X GPUs

Samsung has actually become a center of destination in the industry, primarily for several factors. The primary one is that TSMC holds the majority of its share in the chiplet packaging market, however it is heavily occupied by NVIDIA’s huge AI GPU orders, which has actually put business like AMD on the back foot. Given that AMD plans to adopt an aggressive technique in the AI market, it needs a consistent and trustworthy partner such as Samsung.

It is reported that Samsung has passed definitive quality tests for its next-gen HBM3 memory and is placed to bring AMD on board. We formerly reported that the business has also proposed a “hybrid” method to NVIDIA, taking responsibility for all making procedures, such as wafer acquisition to 2.5 D product packaging. This is why Samsung has actually attracted immense interest in the MI300X GPUs, and the business is expected to acquire a 50% share in the HBM market next year.

The Samsung HBM3 memory and product packaging innovation will be harnessed by the MI300X GPUs and other Instinct MI300 accelerators which will lead the charge of AMD’s AI development in the coming year.

Apart from AMD, NVIDIA is also considering Samsung as a potential provider, given that TSMC is currently not able to meet the tremendous need from the AI market. It is said that Team Green is facing huge order backlogs, extending delivery times by 6 months. With interruptions in supply chains come jeopardized profits, due to which NVIDIA targets at optimizing its production. Hence we could see a “dual-source” technique by the business. Nevertheless, bringing Samsung on board might tarnish the NVIDIA-TSMC relationship, a cost that NVIDIA can’t afford. Just recently, it was confirmed that the SK hynix HBM3e DRAM will be made use of to power NVIDIA’s GH200 GPUs.

For now, we can see AMD’s next-gen “MI400” Impulse GPUs being provided by Samsung. With Team Red’s plans to introduce a cut-down “MI300” variation for Chinese markets, sales could see a substantial increase, ultimately benefitting both celebrations. The crucial point is how Samsung handles the circumstance given that this could be a turning for its foundry and memory division.

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