Samsung Rumored To Prepare Three High-Resolution ISOCELL Sensors In H2 2024, One Of Them Being A 440MP Unit

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ISOCELL electronic cameras boasting extremely high resolutions of 200MP have actually been Samsung’s forte for quite a while, with the company including such hardware in its top-tier flagships, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra. For next year, anticipate the precise very same treatment to be delivered to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but one tipster reveals Samsung plans to go beyond the 200MP limit as it prepares three new sensing units for the latter half of 2024, with one of them being a 440MP cam.

Samsung is likewise establishing a new 200MP sensing unit along with the 440MP one, no word on which smart device will use these

Out of the three sensors, Samsung is said to be mass-producing a brand-new 50MP GN6 with a 1.6 μm pixel size, according to Revegnus. In his post, he also points out that a new 200MP HP7 system with a 0.6 μm pixel size is probably under advancement. Perhaps the Korean giant’s most enthusiastic strategy yet in the ISOCELL video camera department is a 400MP HU1 with an unconfirmed pixel size. Though all 3 sensing units are stated to go through mass production in the 2nd half of 2024, the post does not point out which gadgets will be equipped with these.

Our inkling tells us that if all these sensors are produced in H2 2024, then the 440MP one will be scheduled for the Galaxy S25 Ultra. As most of you know, Samsung is working on its ‘dream chip,’ a brand-new silicon that can apparently go head-to-head with the flagship SoCs. Current-generation chipsets can not support any sensing unit with an image resolution of 440MP right now, so it was just a matter of time before a capable silicon would acquire that assistance and introduce.

It is likewise worth discussing that beyond a specific megapixel rely on a mobile phone, producers will begin seeing lessening returns on utilizing 200MP or 440MP sensing units on devices, so they will have to resort to other steps, such as increasing the physical size of those sensing units. The post does not point out how Samsung will crap a 440MP system into a smart device chassis, but the image quality might not enhance without the use of a larger sensing unit.

Because Samsung’s strategies have not been discussed by Revegnus, it is meaningless to comment further, other than wait for future reports. Nevertheless, if a 440MP needs to debut in the Galaxy S25 Ultra, we certainly anticipate seeing what imaging magic it can summon.

News Source: Revegnus

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