Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 6 Prototype Design Shows What You Should Expect From The Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Samsung just recently unveiled its Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 foldable headsets at its Unpacked occasion. While the Galaxy Fold 5 did not introduce with major changes in regards to style, the Flip 5 now features a bigger folder display on the outdoors, showing more details at a glance. The business will announce the Galaxy Z Fold 6 next year with some quite significant changes, including the design and type factor of the handset. Now, a prototype of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has emerged online, revealing what you should get out of the Galaxy S24 Ultra early next year.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 model style leaks to show the design variations Samsung may make with the Galaxy S24 Ultra early next year

Samsung typically announces its Galaxy S-series of gadgets in the first quarter and we are anticipating some major modifications this time around. It was formerly reported that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will include slimmer bezels on all sides and a new frame. These information are evident in the Galaxy Z Fold 6 prototype style, as shared by leaker Ice Universe on X.

It can be seen in the video that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will feature a quite cool design which is quite various than the current design. Upon closer assessment, we can see that the external display has actually altered its element ratio, moving away from the tall or narrow screen which is more difficult to use. The company might have taken cues from the Google Pixel Fold’s form aspect and how well it was received in the tech community. The screen reveals very little bezels which would move to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The leaker has formerly shared information on the bezels and how they would compare against Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models. In addition, he likewise shared the frame of the gadget which is rumored to change to a titanium finish. Overall, the style is really comparable and quite straightforward to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. As for the Galaxy Fold 6, the hinge appears to be improved as the screen folds shut totally. When the device is closed, the metal frame melts into each other, which might give users the sensation of utilizing a basic Galaxy phone.

Samsung will potentially reveal the Galaxy S24 Ultra early next year with updated internals, a new design, and better cam hardware. The dripped pictures and videos of the Galaxy Fold 6 merely show the direction Samsung is headed in regards to the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s design. We will share more details on the device as quickly as more info is offered.

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