Skyrim Oblivion Remake ‘Skyblivion’ Receives 20 Minutes of Gameplay

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Skyblivion, the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion Remake within Skyrim, has received a brand-new gameplay video.

The group behind the ambitious overall conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V revealed that the task is slated for a release sometime in 2025, and we now have a brand-new gameplay video featuring an iconic side quest from The Elder Scrolls IV – Mazoga the Orc, in which Marius Caro wishes to know why Mazoga the Orc will not leave his hall. You can take a look at the 20-minute-long gameplay video listed below:

“The development of SKYBLIVION officially started in 2012, when our lead designer Zilav created what we now call variation 0.1”, the group behind the mod writes on its main site. “This was a great tech demonstration however absolutely nothing more, the world was really buggy and was missing a great deal of content. Not much later, Ormin (now called Monocleus) joined the project after seeing what Zilav had actually done, and started dealing with the more technical aspects of the mod. In 2014, Zilav and Monocleus handled to provide a stable base game for others to work with and aid with the development. Around this time Rebelzize signed up with the project managing the PR, this was when the development and basic interest about the project started to drastically increase.”

Skyblivion is set for a release in 2025 and will support both the basic version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the more current Special Edition. Regrettably, the mod will only be released for PC due to size constraints on consoles and due to the absence of the Skyrim Script Extender on consoles.

Advancement on the mod began more than a decade ago, and although the mod will not be out anytime quickly, a lead on the job just recently said that he means to release it prior to The Elder Scrolls VI – well, a minimum of that’s something to go by. Interestingly, it was just recently revealed that the next Elder Scrolls entry is targeting a 2026 release.

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