The SmartTag is little enough it’s not going to get within the way. 


Tiny gadgets that help a person locate lost items are usually all the rage this particular year. In addition in order to Samsung announcing SmartTag plus SmartTag Plus trackers in January. Apple recently announced plus released its Tile-like gadget, the AirTag. Both products are similar in this these people rely on Bluetooth to assist you keep tabs on your own keys, a backpack, baggage or even a family pet. But there’s more in order to it than that. 

There are a variety things in order to know about Samsung’s SmartTag. For a start, SmartTags connect to SmartThings Find, something that’s already constructed straight into Samsung Galaxy phones — SmartThings is Samsung’s application and hub for compatible smart home devices. Additionally, not every SmartTags are made equal. There are really two different models. The standard SmartTag launched recording, while the SmartTag Plus had been only recently made offered to purchase. Don’t get worried, I’ll explain everything beneath. 

Here’s everything we all know about Samsung’s SmartTag so far (and, of course, what we should don’t), from the particular price and way this works, to the way to physique out which SmartTag to purchase.

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How a lot do SmartTags cost? 

The SmartTag is $30 with regard to one, $50 with regard to two and $85 with regard to a four-pack. The UWB version is $40 with regard to one and $65 for a two-pack (however, I am unable to find the two-pack offered for purchase anywhere).

For comparison, a Tile Pro is definitely $35 and an Apple AirTag is definitely $30

Samsung SmartTag: What is it?

Samsung’s SmartTag is really a small, battery-powered device that you could attach to things such as a wallet, backpack or even even your pet. Each SmartTag is powered by very common and inexpensive CR2032 battery and is definitely user-replaceable. 

Once they have set up and connected to your Samsung accounts, the tag can end up being found utilizing the SmartThings Find app in your phone 

SmartTag’s are small enough in order to fit in your keyring. 

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How do a person utilize a SmartTag to discover a dropped item?

After you realize you’ve lost an item, open the particular SmartThings app on your own smartphone. Next, tap the particular Menu button, then All Devices. Select the SmartTag or even SmartTag Plus you are thinking about, followed simply by View Map. A map will certainly open, showing you the existing location of your label. 

If you’re near to the lost product, you use the evaluate around the screen to display how far away the particular item is. The larger the particular gauge gets, the closer you are. To assist you in finding the tag, a person can make it enjoy a sound.

If the particular tag isn’t close in order to you, don’t worry, this can still be discovered. Other Samsung devices near the particular tag will anonymously find it for you, plus then let you understand where it is, almost all without the owner associated with the device doing the thing. It’s done within the background and it is encrypted to ensure privacy. 

SmartThings Find is the particular app you’ll use in order to track down list products.

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Why are there 2 different types of SmartTags?

In a vintage Samsung shift, there are two various types of SmartTags. The standard SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy as the connection standard. The other version, called SmartTag Plus, uses Bluetooth Low Energy along with ultrawideband connectivity. Not almost all Samsung phones are outfitted with the necessary equipment to connect to UWB devices, which is possibly one reason behind Samsung is definitely offering two different labels. Currently, only the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra support UWB. 

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is really a good-looking phone, right? 

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What’s the particular difference between the particular two SmartTags?

Using the SmartThings Find app in order to locate tags that are usually equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, you may not be able to discover a tag’s exact place, but an estimate associated with how far away or even close it is. It’s the same type of technology that’s used to flow music from your mobile phone for your wireless earbuds or even allow your phone in order to act being a key along with a smart lock. 

With ultrawideband, your mobile phone and the tag can easily talk to each various other and estimate a lot more precise location, in just a couple of inches. Using a number of brief pulses, a UWB gadget can communicate measuring exactly how long it takes with regard to one from the pulses in order to be received and clarified by another UWB gadget. In short, UWB is definitely far more precise compared to BLE. 

We have got a far more comprehensive explanation here of exactly what exactly UWB is, exactly how it works as well as other methods it can be utilized. 

All the colour options for your Bluetooth Samsung SmartTag.

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When can I buy each versions?

Right now. Samsung launched the standard SmartTag first, and you will currently discover them in all the particular normal places you’d discover electronics, such as Amazon. The UWB version SmartTag Plus launched in late April plus are available straight from Samsung

Samsung revealed 2 new SmartTags and their own pricing.

Samsung/Screenshot by Sarah Tew

Will both tags use each Galaxy phone?

No. You can use the bottom SmartTag with any Galaxy phone, but only the particular Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra and last year’s Note 20 Ultra assistance the UWB technology discovered in the SmartTag Plus.

It’s too bad you cannot utilize a SmartTag to monitor down the new Ersus Pen for the S21 Ultra. 

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What otherwise must i know?

The additional top features of UWB mean that will you can use an ardent augmented reality mode within the SmartThings Find app that will help pinpoint a tag’s place in the real entire world, instead of utilizing a measure that fills in because you get closer in order to it. 

Using AR, you can use hold up your own phone and view specifically where the tag is definitely, using a combination associated with your phone’s camera plus a graphic in the particular app to see the particular world around you. 

Battery a lot more expected in order to last months, but that will can be shortened in the event that you use the AR feature often using the Plus model, or leave the Tag alone to have a prolonged amount of time.  

Curious how SmartTags evaluate to Apple’s AirTags plus Tile? We were, too. If you’re considering obtaining the Galaxy S21, we have some thoughts regarding the different models