Sony’s God of War Studio is Hiring a Combat Designer With Knowledge of God of War and Ragnarok

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Sony’s God of War studio, Santa Monica Studio, is searching for a combat designer with knowledge of both 2018’s God of War and in 2015’s sequel – God of War Ragnarok.

Back in 2021, we reported that Sony’s first-party studio might very well be dealing with an unannounced project beside the now-released God of War: Ragnarok. Interestingly, quickly after the release of 2018’s God of War, Creative Director Cory Barlog said that he wanted to create a brand new IP. No extra details about Santa Monica Studio’s upcoming project have actually been revealed, however this freshly-spotted task listing for a fight designer at the studio might suggest that a minimum of one group is dealing with something God of War-related, possibly a follow up to Ragnarok.

“Santa Monica Studio is seeking a Combat Designer for the advancement of a new unannounced title”, the task advertisement reads. Now, while this is quite broad, the listing also mentions something more interesting – understanding of the studio’s most recent God of War titles. “Must understand God of War( 2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022) and have the ability to speak in depth about the combat systems, mechanics, and opponents.”

Rather fascinating for sure, and although this does not confirm that the studio is really dealing with a brand-new entry in the franchise, it would make sense provided the incredible success of the previous 2 entries and the income that both video games have created for Sony – in 2018, it was reported that God of War generated over $131 million in digital revenue alone. A year later on, it was reported that the title managed to create over $500 million in profits for Sony (physical and digital). As covered late in 2015, Ragnarok sales have actually currently surpassed 5.1 million copies globally, then becoming Sony’s fastest-selling first-party launch title in PlayStation history. Some months back, Sony reported to have actually sold over 11 million copies of Ragnarok, contributing to the enormous success of the video game for Santa Monica Studio and Sony.

We’ll update you as quickly as more info about Sony’s Santa Monica Studio’s brand-new project comes in. What are your ideas? Is the studio working on another installment in the series? If so, what will be the setting? Egypt possibly? Strike the comments listed below.

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