SpaceX Shares Footage of Rocket Engine Tested At Sub Zero Temperatures

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As part of tests for the Artemis program, SpaceX test-fired its Raptore engine last month after cooling its parts to imitate temperature level at a lunar landing. The Raptor will be the biggest engine of its kind fired on the Moon when Starship lands, and video of the August test launched the other day afternoon comes as SpaceX races to perform the 2nd flight of its Starship rocket.

The rocket was de-stacked at the business’s test website in Boca Chica, Texas, the other day, and throughout the exact same day, SpaceX launched test video of the engine that will fire on the second-stage lunar Starship version. This automobile is NASA’s very first option relating to strategies to establish a human nest on Mars, and previous NASA authorities Kathy Leuders, who now operates at SpaceX, likewise thinks that the 2nd Starship test launch can happen as quickly as in October.

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SpaceX Conducts Multi Second Lunar Raptor Engine Test Fire As Part of Lunar Landing Architecture

The test shooting was collaborated with NASA, with the area firm sharing more information about it in a post. NASA exposed that SpaceX showed the engine’s throttle profile and robust integrate in 2021. The most recent video footage shared by SpaceX is for an engine test performed last month. It focused mainly on the engine’s develop because the Raptor was cooled to conditions that matched the temperature level in a vacuum. Lunar temperature levels can drop to as low as unfavorable 130 degrees Celsius, and engines are developed of countless parts whose thermal profile may not hold up against severe conditions.

The Raptor is the star of the Starship program, as the majority of upgrades to the full-stack Starship rocket after SpaceX’s April test effort have actually included the engine. These have actually included powering up 33 engines at the same time, which is far more intricate than shooting up the engines of a lunar Starship. SpaceX has actually run numerous tests of the 2nd phase Starship too, and it showed the Raptor’s lunar descent shooting profile to NASA for the very first time throughout this test project.

Considering that 2021 and 2023, SpaceX has actually likewise established a streamlined and more effective variation of the Raptor called the Raptor 2. All engines developed for months follow the brand-new style, so it’s most likely that the other day’s test video footage likewise includes the Raptor 2.


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