SpaceX Teases Images Of Starship’s Hot Stage Rocket Ring For Test Flight 2

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SpaceX has shared brand-new images of one of Starship’s biggest upgrades before the rocket’s next orbital test flight attempt. The first test flight in April saw a number of engines closed down immediately after launch, and while Starship effectively cleared the pad and reached the point of phase separation, the remainder of the test was a failure. Now, with momentum gradually building up for the 2nd Starship test flight, SpaceX’s most current images reveal the rocket’s hot staging ring installed on a Super Heavy booster, examining another turning point before the world’s biggest rocket is ready to attempt to take to the skies once again.

SpaceX Installs Heat Shield On Top Of Rocket Booster As It Prepares Starship For Hot Staging

The first Starship test flight supplied amazing views right from the start when its engines lit up to the test’s unceremonious end as the rocket was blown up mid-air. Dozens of rocket engines illuminating on a single rocket is a sight that has actually not been seen reside in decades, and the rings of engines on the Super Heavy booster have become the trademark of the rocket.

After the engines, another stunning set of visuals came when the rocket attempted to separate its first and 2nd phases. This saw the almost four hundred feet tall rocket do somersaults in the air numerous times before it blew up as self-destruct commands were initiated. The system for self-destruct has also come under scrutiny after the April flight test, as it failed to ruin the huge rocket manufactured out of stainless steel immediately.

Soon after the test, SpaceX’s chief Elon Musk required to Twitter (now called X) to share that his company will make more than a thousand upgrades to Starship prior to the 2nd test flight effort. These upgrades include updating the Raptor 2 engine’s hot gas manifold, accountable for sending heated propellants to the combustion chamber for ignition, and a brand-new stage separation mechanism which will see the 2nd stage light up its engines to separate from the very first stage.

SpaceX installs the hot stage ring on Starship Super Heavy booster
SpaceX installs the hot stage ring on Starship Super Heavy booster

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