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Splinter Cell remake from Ubisoft Toronto made official

The game will make use of the Snowdrop Engine, which powered the Division franchise.

Just a few short days after word spread online that Ubisoft was cooking up a new title in the Splinter Cell universe, the video game publishing giant made the news official. Sam Fisher will be making his triumphant return sometime in the near future in a new remake from the team at Ubisoft Toronto.

The original rumors began to swirl around the project earlier this week when a trademark filing was uncovered. These rumors followed previous speculation on the Splinter Cell franchise back in October. Series fans have been very vocal about wanting Ubisoft to resurrect the once-popular franchise.

In a new blog posting introducing the project and a few of its lead designers, Ubisoft outlines the plan for bringing stealth action back to the masses. Several of the studio employees discuss the details of tackling such a project and what the Splinter Cell brand means. While it will be a remake, the team is hoping it can push stealth game design forward in the same way the first Splinter Cell titles did on the Xbox more than fifteen years ago.

The original game was also a technical marvel for its time. The remake project will make use of Ubisoft’s own Snowdrop engine. It was previously used for both games in The Division series and has proven to be capable of delivering top-shelf visuals with solid performance on console hardware. Playing as Sams Fisher means operating as a ghost in the shadows, so this new Splinter Cell game will likely feature state-of-the-art lighting technology.

You can check the link above to read the full interview with the team at Ubisoft Toronto. The blog post makes it clear that this project is only in the earliest stages of development at the moment, so we probably won’t see this remake on store shelves any time soon. You can be sure that whenever the latest news on the game is made available, you can find it right here at Shacknews.