Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Patch 7 PC Comparisons Highlight Disappointing Performance Without Frame Generation

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Yesterday, a brand-new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor spot went live on PC and console, bringing, according to the spot notes, a range of efficiency enhancements. On PC, it appears like things are still not the method they must be.

A number of contrast videos shared online by MxBenchmarkPC emphasize how the real efficiency enhancements just come thanks to DLSS 3 Frame Generation. Normally, efficiency is on par with the video game’s previous variation, if not even worse in some circumstances, and frame times appear to be even worse, so the faltering problems, such as traversal stuttering, are still present to destroy the experience.

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It is a pity that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor remains in such a bad state, as the video game is a strong action-adventure video game that innovates and broadens the formula of its predecessor while including an engaging story and characters that fit well in the Star Wars universe. You can find out more about the video game by examining Kai’s evaluation.

While Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a surprise journey when it was very first launched, the time invested apart hasn’t made Cal Kestis’ experiences any less pleasurable. A comparable structure in unknown areas assists to develop Jedi: Survivor as a quality follow up to the initial release. Jedi: Survivor still plays it safe in contrast to the previous video game. It might be challenging to offer Jedi: Survivor complete marks for its uniqueness, however compared to the predecessor concentrated on Cal’s time as a Jedi Padawan, each title can stand by itself benefits, and Jedi: Survivor polishes up much of the experience as it moves the narrative ever forward on Cal Kestis’ journey to Tanalorr.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now readily available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S worldwide. The video game will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future.

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