Star Wars KOTOR Remake Is Still Being Worked On, Jason Schreier Says to Have Heard

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According to popular reporter Jason Schreier, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is still being dealt with.

Some days ago we reported that advancement on the highly-anticipated remake of the 2003 classic has actually stopped. Embracer's CEO decreased to talk about the matter, and Jeff Grubb just recently declared that no group is presently dealing with the title. "To clear it up, this video game is not being dealt with today", Grubb stated in his newest Game Mess Mornings live stream. "Just complete stop, this video game is not being dealt with in any method at any studio. [...] I've checked out it, and I do not believe this is news to the majority of you ... you can piece this together if you've been listening to this. Sony stepping away and scrubbing discusses of Knights of the Old Republic from social networks and YouTube. Simply to 100 percent to verify it, this video game is not being worked on right now."

Associated Story Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Reportedly "Not Being Worked on in Any Way"

According to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, nevertheless, this may not be totally real as 2 individuals from designer Saber Interactive have actually apparently informed him that the video game is still being dealt with. Schreier includes that, whether it will ever come out, and in what state, are various concerns.
"Is it alive?" and "Will it ever really come out?" are 2 really various concerns", the reporter composed on the ResetEra online forums when inquired about the matter. "A 3rd is "If it does ever come out, what will it in fact appear like?"

"That stated, I've talked with 2 individuals at Saber who both state they're still presently dealing with it, so I do not think that the remark that it isn't being dealt with "in any method" today holds true."

On X (previously Twitter), Schreier likewise stated that he can't validate whether the Remake will ever really be launched. "Can't state whether the KOTOR Remake will ever really * come out *, however yes, 2 individuals from Saber Interactive inform me they're still on it, in spite of current reports that no one is dealing with the video game. (Saber took the job from Aspyr in 2015, as Bloomberg reported then)."

We'll upgrade you as quickly as more details about the KOTOR Remake is available in. In the meantime, remain tuned.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic-- Remake was very first prepared to be concerning both PC and PlayStation 5. What are your ideas on the remake? Will it ever be launched? Strike the remarks listed below.

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