Starfield DLSS 2 & XeSS Mod Is Now Available Totally Free, Replaces FSR 2 Integration

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Starfield has actually simply entered its early gain access to stage and the very first mod to include DLSS 2 & XeSS assistance is currently out for players.

Starfield Mod Adds NVIDIA DLSS 2 & Intel XeSS Into The Game As A Replacement For AMD’s FSR 2

Bethesda’s newest AAA RPG is now offered to players who purchased the Premium Edition. The video game currently got extremely favorable evaluations with our video gaming group calling it an Elder Scrolls experience embeded in area minus the bugs that are generally related to Bethesda’s titles. In spite of the PC efficiency being excellent, the video game is still a next-gen title that requires the very best hardware to run efficiently. One such element is that it needs to be set up on an SSD and has some husky requirements.

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Owners of AMD’s Radeon GPUs currently get access to FSR 2 upscaling innovation within the video game that can supply increased efficiency with fantastic visuals. Thanks to the AMD collaboration, the PC optimization, specifically for Radeon GPUs and Ryzen CPUs is excellent. Having FSR 2 likewise suggests that all other camps, NVIDIA & Intel, can likewise access the frame-rate improving innovation.

FSR 2 is understood to be a bit doing not have when compared to NVIDIA’s DLSS 2 and Intel’s XeSS upscaling innovations which is a minor downer that the video game didn’t carry out those understanding how simple it is to incorporate such innovations these days. Modder, PureDark, currently verified his DLSS 3 plugin to be launched throughout the early gain access to duration today however that mod will lag a pay-wall and likewise include DRM defense which may result in some efficiency effect as we’ve seen in the past.

But PureDark is using a complimentary option to AMD FSR 2 to PC players in the type of the NVIDIA DLSS & Intel XeSS plugin for Starfield. You can head over to the NexusMod link here to get the plugin and include it to your video game which can supply much better image quality and much better efficiency on the particular hardware. Following is the procedure to set up the mod:

  1. Extract this mod to the video game’s root folder.
  2. Set up Upscaler Base Plugin, put the PDPerfplugin.dll into mods/UpscalerBasePluginfolder.
  3. You require to download nvngx_dlss. dllor libxess.dll, and position them into mods/UpscalerBasePluginfolder. Examine UpscalerBasePlugin‘s description.
  4. Press ENDin the video game to open the menu for the upscaler, and you can choose DLSS or XeSS.
  5. You require to switch on FSR2 in the video game’s settings, cuz this mod changes FSR2 with DLSS/XeSS.
  6. There’s no quality levels any longer, you just alter the render scaling ratio in the video game’s settings.


  • DLSS/DLAA is just supported by RTX cards, Intel GPU can utilize XeSS.
  • I consisted of a ReShade CAS result since DLSS has no intergrated sharpener any longer.
  • And if you wish to set up another ReShade predetermined, simply go on, however keep in mind to relabel the dxgi.dll from ReShade to d3d12.dll after setup and utilize extract the dxgi.dll from this mod once again!
  • Efficiency gain depends upon just how much you are GPU minimal, if you do not see any gains it’s really typical, you are more than likely CPU restricted.
  • Even if you can’t get more FPS in a CPU minimal case, you are nevertheless getting the exceptional AA from the DLSS pipeline, or you can simply utilize DLAA (with efficiency expense).

I am presently playing the video game with a quite strong frame rate at 4K resolution (native) on an RTX 4090 & Core i9-13900K setup. While I can’t promote most of players, what I can see is that if you are having efficiency concerns, then experimenting with the other 2 alternative upscaling strategies can certainly help with the efficiency in the video game. There’s most likely going to be a spot rollout quickly that will resolve numerous concerns.

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