Starfield DLSS 3.5 Mod Now Available On PC, Upscaling Outshines Native Resolution

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NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.5 mod is now readily available for Starfield on PC and uses a huge enhancement over the native image quality.

NVIDIA’s Image Enhancing & Frame-Boosting DLSS 3.5 Tech Is Now Available In Starfield Thanks To PC Modders

Simply 2 days after the NVIDIA DLSS 2 and Intel XeSS plugins were launched as mods by PureDark, we now have assistance for DLSS 3.5 within the video game which is fantastic for NVIDIA GPU owners. NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 innovation is presently supported within the video game and uses a good visual increase thanks to the most recent AI design that improves the image over the native resolution, offering sharper & clearer visuals.

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We currently saw NVIDIA’s DLSS 2 supply some incredible image quality within Starfield on PC & now, we get another option over the AMD’s FSR 2 which is the only upscaling alternative besides CAS that’s formally a part of the video game. The procedure of allowing DLSS 3.5 within Starfield includes a couple of basic actions which have actually been noted by MxBenchmarkPC:

How to set up NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution Mod for Starfield: … Download the StarfieldUpscaler archive. Extract the archive into the Starfield folder. Download the UpscalerBasePlugin archive: …

  • Extract the PDPerfplugin.dll into mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder.
  • Download the DLSS 3.5 file: … Extract the nvngx_dlss. dll into mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder.
  • Introduce the video game and press END in the video game to open the menu for the upscaler, and you can pick DLSS.
  • You require to switch on FSR2 in the video game’s settings, cuz this mod changes FSR 2.2 with DLSS/XeSS.
  • There’s no quality levels any longer, you merely alter the render scaling ratio in the video game’s settings (67% = Quality mode, 50% = Performance mode).
  • Play the video game with DLSS 3.5.
  • Now it must be pointed out that DLSS 3.5 has numerous functions and the brand-new AI upscaling design is simply among them. The innovation likewise supports frame generation and ray restoration however the latter needs to be allowed on the engine side to be completely used. Coming to the image quality, we put together a couple of screenshots for you that reveal the distinction in between Native, FSR 2 (100%), DLSS 3.5 (Performance), and DLSS 3.5 (Quality) modes. We need to acknowledge that AMD’s FSR 2 likewise does a dazzling task in boosting the image quality over native however DLSS 3.5 simply sticks out a bit ahead.

    Screenshots # 1 (Native):

    Screenshot # 1(FSR 2 100%): Screenshot # 1( DLSS 3.5 P ):

    Screenshot # 1 DLSS 3.5 Q):

    Starfield DLSS 3.5 Mod Now Available On PC, Upscaling Outshines Native Resolution 6

    In the very first screenshots, we saw that the general image quality with DLSS 3.5 Quality mode was the very best followed by FSR

    Starfield DLSS 3.5 Mod Now Available On PC, Upscaling Outshines Native Resolution 7

    2. The DLSS efficiency mode resembled native however minus the visual sparkling which appeared on the FSR 2 and native rendering modes. Screenshots # 2(Native): Screenshot # 2( FSR 2 100 % ): Screenshot # 2(DLSS 3.5 P): Screenshot # 2 DLSS 3.5 Q ): In the interior cockpit of your primary ship, you can keep in mind that the dials and menus look a lot more crisp and understandable versus the native render. The structures in the far-off likewise look much better. Screenshots # 3 (Native): Screenshot # 3 (FSR 2 100 %): Screenshot # 3 (DLSS 3.5 P): Screenshot # 3 DLSS 3.5 Q): Once once again, when taking a look at things and material quality, DLSS 3.5 and FSR 2 both appear to provide the very best outcomes. You can likewise keep in mind that the flooring itself looks much better on the quality presets versus native. Screenshots # 4 (Native): Screenshot # 4 (FSR 2 100 %): Screenshot # 4 (DLSS 3.5 P): Screenshot # 4 DLSS 3.5 Q): And finally, the outside body of our spaceship looks terrific as soon as again thanks to DLSS 3.5 and FSR 2 upscaling innovations. Efficiency mode does provide much better efficiency and looks simply as close as the native resolution however I would personally stick to the FSR 2 & DLSS 3.5 Quality presets unless you are on older hardware where the Performance modes can supply you with a playable framerate.

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