Starfield Engine Might Have An I/O Optimization Issue, Stuttering Noticed Even On High-End Gen5 SSDs

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Starfield on PC might have a significant IO usage issue where even the fastest Gen5 SSDs are not safe from the rage of stuttering, as explained by Compusemble.

Not Even The Fastest PCIe Gen5 SSDs Can Eliminate Stutter From Starfield’s Poor I/O Performance

Bethesda themselves have actually advised setting up the RPG work of art on SSD at first, so why is the problem continuing here? The screening done by Compusemble is undoubtedly considerable here, because the person has actually entered into depths and exposed that SSDs running Starfield are dealing with “traversal stuttering”, suggesting that the SSD is getting fed a great deal more details than it is expected to, causing a possible “traffic jam”,

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To even more explain the problem, Compusemble put together the standards gotten at “New Atlantis”, which is a popular and graphically requiring setting in the video game. The outcomes revealed that the onboard SSD reached a 100% usage rate, due to which the GPU could not carry out properly, falling to a stunning “0% use” sometimes. The intriguing reality is that the user was running Crucial T700 Gen5 SSD, which boasts one of the fastest speeds out there in the market, thus the blame can’t come on the storage itself here.

Figuring out the core concern isn’t a simple job here, nevertheless, Compusemble reveals that this is yet another case of absence of” SSD optimization “due to which the block size variety is getting jeopardized. In layperson’s terms, SSD needs a specific block size to eject the optimum efficiency and in this case, the block size is too low, due to which the SSD even might exceed the 555MB/s mark/.

We aren’t sure whether this is the main factor for Starfield faltering occurrences, however you can validate it through any benchmarking app that informs the SSD usage rate. Even if your PC faces this issue, regrettably, you can’t do anything to repair this because this is more of a problem from the designer’s side. We hope that Bethesda rapidly acknowledges the “SSD traffic jam” because it might have been adding to faltering concerns among a number of customers, without getting found.

News Source: Compusemble

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