Starfield gets a live-action trailer ahead of its September 6th launch

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Starfield is among the most anticipated games of the year, and to build up even more hype around its release, Xbox has debuted a live-action trailer for the video game.

Gamescom kicked off today and the opening presentation of the occasion has actually currently debuted a lots of trailers for brand-new video games. From trailers for Tekken, Little Nightmares III, and Assassin’s Creed: Mirage to Call of Duty showing off gameplay from the very first level of Modern Warfare III, we got a look at a great deal of what’s coming soon in gaming.

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Of course, Starfield, which is most likely to be the biggest video game of the year, opened the show with a discussion from none aside from the director and executive manufacturer at Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard. In addition to discussing what’s to be anticipated when Starfield launches on September 6th, Howard also announced that Bethesda built a 400-seat theater at Gamescom for people to watch the opening parts of the game.

< span class=" embed-youtube" style=” text-align: center; display: block;” > However, Todd Howard and some gameplay weren’t the only things we got today when it pertained to Starfield. Throughout the opening night of Gamescom, Xbox and Bethesda also launched a live-action trailer for the video game. The trailer shows off a few of

the experiences and sensation Bethesda is hoping you’ll experience when taking the role of an adventurer through the universe. You can have a look at the trailer from YouTube listed below:

There’s a lot happening with Starfield lately. In addition to getting its own showcase when Xbox held its yearly display of games earlier this summertime, Microsoft also just revealed the very first covers for the Xbox Series X that includes a special edition wrap for Starfield. Unfortunately, you won’t have it in time for the video game’s launch as Xbox is anticipating it to release in October.

Starfield will release on September 6, 2023. The game will be offered on both Xbox and PC and also offered as part of Xbox Game Pass. I personally already have the video game pre-installed on my Series X, so I’ll be all set to take it to the stars when it officially debuts.

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