Starfield Gives Xbox Its Best Non-Holiday Quarter, Xbox Series X/S Hardware Slump Continues

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Microsoft has reported its profits for Q1 2024 (abnormally, their ranges from the start of July to the end of June) and it was a great 3 months for the business, consisting of the Xbox video gaming department. Xbox is typically among the weaker departments of the tech megacorp, however that wasn't the case this quarter-- Gaming profits was up 9 percent compared to Q1 2022, with Xbox material and services profits up 13 percent thanks to the much-anticipated release of Starfield and an increase in Game Pass memberships that saw a record variety of brand-new users on launch day. Mentioning records, Twitter user John Welfare has actually been tracking the portions the Xbox organization has actually decreased quarter-to-quarter, and approximates Q1 2024 was Xbox's finest non-holiday quarter ever. These aren't main numbers, however still, something to chew on. The leading 6 monetary quarters for Xbox. Q1 2024 is just behind 5 vacation quarters. John Welfare (@Welfare_JBP)October 24, 2023 Related Story Microsoft Will Double Down on Being a Game Publisher and Developer After ABK Acquisition, Says Nadella

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