Starfield Has Officially Gone Gold, New Details on Pacifist Runs, Houses, and More Provided

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Those afraid Starfield might suffer yet another last-second hold-up can officially rest simple, as today Bethesda revealed the video game has actually gone gold. While that doesn’t entirely rule out a last-second modification of strategies, it seems Starfield’s September launch is pretty much a lock. Those seeming ready on Day 1 can begin pre-loading Starfield tomorrow (August 17) on Xbox Series X/S. Regrettably, those using Steam will have to wait up until August 30.

The video game’s just a little over 2 weeks away! In addition to the bright side about Starfield going gold, Bethesda held a short Q&A on Discord, during which they provided a few more tasty tidbits about the game. On the topic of the video game’s campaign, players will be able to play through the stories for all the game’s factions– you aren’t locked into siding with simply one– and there are even stories where you can play a double-agent. While the video game is really open-ended in terms of factions you unfortunately won’t have the ability to pull off a full-on pacifist playthrough. While there will typically be non-lethal routes offered, not every objective will give you the option.

Relying on the role-playing/sim side of the Starfield, Bethesda verifies you’ll be able to obtain houses in all the major cities in the game. Some of these can be purchased in a straightforward way, others are benefits for finishing some task. Ah, but what if more ne’er do well? Well, there is also a jail system if you devote crimes, although you can simply pay your way out of the clink or try to leave if you’re the more bold type. When it comes to your ship’s team, there are over 20 various characters you can hire, a few of which will come with some lovely engaging stories attached. That said, these crewmembers do not level up– they feature a set level and specific skills and remain that method.

Starfield releases on PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, although those who buy the Premium Edition of the video game can play 5 days early on September 1. What do you believe? Are you getting delighted for Bethesda’s newest RPG extravaganza?

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