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While they are easily offered on PC, console commands can not be utilized straight in Starfield to trigger a range of various advantages, a few of them very beneficial, such as getting rid of the bring capability constraints and others.

There is, nevertheless, an easy workaround that can be utilized to benefit from all console commands without having the ability to input them straight in the console variation of the video game.

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How to Use PC Console Commands on Xbox Series X|S in Starfield

To utilize console commands in Starfield on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you will require a PC that can a minimum of booting Starfield. If you own the digital variation of the video game, or you are an Xbox Game Pass customer, you will have the ability to download the video game for complimentary on PC and import your savefile by means of the Microsoft account cross-platform save system.

As soon as the Starfield download has actually been finished, boot the video game up and pack your most current conserve. When filled, push the @ button to gain access to console commands, input the ones you wish to benefit from and conserve the video game.

After having actually done so, all you require to do is move the conserve file you simply developed back to your console. The cheats triggered on PC will stay active on Xbox Series X|S too, though you will no longer have the ability to make accomplishments for that specific save file, as it will be flagged, though this can be resolved by utilizing a mod on PC.

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