Starfield Launching Without DLSS or XeSS Seemingly Confirmed, PC/Xbox File Sizes are Huge

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Will Starfield provide a complete variety of upscaling tech alternatives at launch? Fans have truly been skeptical, as Bethesda has partnered with AMD on the video game, but they likewise have not outright stated they are just going to support FSR 2. Perhaps this is just a marketing collaboration and Bethesda is going to sneakily include NVIDIA DLSS and Intel XeSS also?

Well, it’s most likely time to put those hopes away. Starfield pre-loads began the other day for Xbox and Windows PC and, of course, folks instantly started poking around in the code. According to Twitter user Sebastian Castellanos, there appears to be no evidence of DLSS or XeSS being executed in the game.

There is a chance Bethesda patches in DLSS or XeSS support at the last minute prior to launch, however it seems not likely. This isn’t the very first time an AMD partner game has cast aside DLSS/XeSS– other video games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have actually also been FSR-only. It appears it’s a requirement for signing that AMD collaboration offer. Obviously, even if Bethesda doesn’t officially support NVIDIA and Intel’s tech at launch, doesn’t imply it’s never ever going to appear. They could include it down the line, and as we’ve reported, modders currently have plans to include DLSS 3 to the game post-launch.

In other Starfield pre-load associated news, we also now know the video game’s launch file size on PC and Xbox Series X, and this is gon na be a whopper, kids. On PC, the video game will use up 139.8 GB of disc space, while the Xbox Series X version is somewhat slimmer at 126.1 GB. Pretty large, but hey, consider it this way– with over 1000 planets in the video game, that’s only 139 MB per world. That’s not that bad, ideal?

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Starfield introduces on PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, although those who purchase the Premium Edition of the game can play 5 days early on September 1.

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