Starfield Leaker Apologize to Todd Howard While Praising the Game in First Early Review

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Starfield has yet to be released worldwide on PC and Xbox Series X and S, but some lucky fans already had the chance to try the video game, and one of them shared the very first video from the retail variation yesterday.

While @Memphian94 hasn’t shared brand-new video footage yet, possibly to secure his YouTube channel, he did provide an update today with an initially early review of the video game. While he does not say much about the video game itself and its material, he applauded it a fair bit, which certainly suggests a lot, particularly as the user makes it clear he is not actually into this kind of video game while surprisingly saying sorry to Todd Howard. “Todd, no offense guy,” he said, “that’s a great game.”

Starfield is setting out to be an enormous game, and modders have currently announced they will be supporting the game from the first day. This is great news for all PC users, specifically those with an NVIDIA RTX GPU, as modder Puredark validated they will mod DLSS 2 and 3 assistance at launch, which was verified to be missing from the video game due to AMD sponsoring.

While the wait for Bethesda’s first IP in years has been long, it is now practically over. Early Access Starfield will begin at 12 AM GMT on September 1st, while the video game will formally release for all users a few days later, on September 6th. The video game launches on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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