Starfield New Mod Improves Reflections Quality; Ray Tracing Option Discovered

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A brand-new Starfield mod that was shared online today presents some enhancements for reflections while exposing that the video game does include a ray tracing setting.

The mod, which can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, is a modified.ini file that makes reflective surface areas take vibrant source of lights into account so that the color of the reflection matches the scene. The default worth of the uReflectionProbesShadowMapResolution=512 line brings very little enhancements without any efficiency hit, however increasing it more enhances quality.

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Remarkably enough, the brand-new Starfield mod likewise exposed how the video game does include a ray tracing choice. While turning it on does not have any impact, the truth that it exists appears to recommend that Bethesda was preparing to have it in eventually and even execute it in the future.


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