State of Play Announced for September 14, Sony Promises Updates on “Major” 3rd Party Titles

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Well, it appears like we’ve got an E3 in September on our hands. Earlier today, it was revealed a huge Nintendo Direct was coming tomorrow (September 14) and now Sony has actually done the same, stating they’ll likewise be bringing us a State of Play program on the very same day. The good news is, the State of Play will take place in the afternoon instead of the early morning, so the displays will not actually overlap, however sheesh– do not Sony and Nintendo have each other’s numbers? Could not they have chosen various days?

Anyways, here’s a bit more information on the upcoming State of Play thanks to PlayStation’s Shawne Benson …

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“Tomorrow’s broadcast will concentrate on updates to formerly revealed video games concerning PlayStation consoles. From indie and PS VR2 highlights, to significant upcoming titles from our third-party partners, our newest program has something for everybody!

Here at PlayStation, our vision is to be the very best location to play, and release, fantastic video games. And due to the fact that there are countless designers and publishers all around the world continuously making fantastic video games, our group has their work cut out for them. I hope you can tune in tomorrow to have a look at a varied choice of upcoming video games.”

While Sony isn’t awfully upcoming with information, it does appear like this will mainly be a third-party-focused display. While there’s a possibility we look a little Spider-Man 2 or other Sony first-party titles, I presume that will be conserved for future displays. What might we see? With Halloween turning up, it may be time for more details about Silent Hill 2. Naturally, more details on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Death Stranding 2 would constantly be welcome. And possibly we’ll get some more information on the growing list of Chinese PS5 exclusives like Roaming Blade and Lost Soul Aside. We will see!

The brand-new State of Play will be streamed tomorrow (September 14) at 2pm PT. What do you believe Sony will display? What do you hope to see consisted of in the program? And most significantly, who’s going to win the September 14 fight– Nintendo or Sony?

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