Stranger Things season 4 will evidently reveal more of Eleven’s amount of time in captivity.


A Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailer dropped on Thursday, offering us a look from Eleven’s fellow test topics in the next section from the beloved Netflix show. The scene appears in order to be a flashback in order to her time in captivity, as Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) greets a bunch associated with children.

They’ll all end up being fine, right?

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Previous teasers hinted that season 4 can explore locations beyond Hawkins, Indiana, and that disappeared Police Chief Jim Hopper ended up in Russia. Its first episode can apparently be called “The Hellfire Club,” which is furthermore the name of the supervillain group in the particular X-Men comics.

The 4th season’s release date has not been revealed yet, yet its 2020 filming schedule  was delayed for 6 months due to the outbreak. Season 3 landed within July 2019, so supporters are desperate to catch upward with the kids associated with Hawkins and their ’80s adventures.

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