T-Minus Zero Entertainment Is a New NetEase Studio Founded by BioWare, Bethesda MMO Vets

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NetEase Games revealed the opening of a new studio called T-Minus Zero Entertainment. Headquartered in Austin, Texas (like Jackalyptic Games, another NetEase developer now dealing with a Warhammer MMO), it is nevertheless a remote-first studio, as anyone can see from the task openings readily available on the official website for the positions of Lead Animator, Lead Character Artist, Lead Environment Artist, Lead Gameplay Engineer, Lead Level Designer, and Senior Gameplay Designer.

T-Minus Zero Entertainment was established by 4 BioWare and Bethesda MMO veterans. The head of the studio is Rich Vogel, known to the broader public for games like Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Fallout 76. Vogel stated in a statement:

Our studio’s mission is to develop epic, immersive worlds where gamers from around the globe can play together, forming enthusiastic and dynamic neighborhoods. The group at NetEase Games shares our vision to develop remarkable and meaningful experiences, and they have actually made it a priority to offer the support and imaginative flexibility to permit us to make our dream a truth.

Simon Zhu, president of worldwide financial investments and collaborations at NetEase Games, added:

T-Minus Zero Entertainment has been constructed with an inspiring roster of talented veterans with unrivaled market understanding and the passion to develop entirely original gaming experiences. NetEase Games highly thinks in empowering creators with the capability to develop games that will develop and inspire gamers gradually with its neighborhood. We can’t wait to share more of what Rich and the team are working on, and we’ll strive to assist them grow.

The other 3 founders are Game Director Mark Tucker (Crimson Alliance, Halo 4, Fallout 76), VP of Operations & Production Scott Malone (The Elder Scrolls Online, Doom, Fallout 76), and Art Director Jeff Dobson (Star Wars: Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem). Unsurprisingly, their very first game will be an MMO-like experience referred to as an ‘online multiplayer third-person action game’ embeded in a brand-new sci-fi IP.

The studio was put together in May, so it might be a number of years prior to we see anything of this new game.

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