Task Mugen Trailer Unveils a Stunning Urban Open World Anime RPG

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Today, NetEase Games revealed Project Mugen, a city open world anime roleplaying video game. Task Mugen will use the free-to-play model and launch on PC, mobile, and PlayStation 4/5, following the example set by Genshin Impact.

It is being developed by a Chinese studio called ThunderFire (headquartered in Hangzhou) in conjunction with a subsidiary studio called NAKED RAIN (based in Montréal).

Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President at NetEase Inc, stated in a declaration:

Today’s unveiling of ‘Project Mugen’ extends beyond this announcement; it represents NetEase Games’ spirit of global partnership, imagination, and development to forge ahead in interactive storytelling. This task draws on advancement talent from Hangzhou to Montreal, reflecting our commitment to going beyond limits and redefining video gaming experiences. By combining a modern metropolis setting with elements of mysticism, we’re thrilled to produce a world where every gamer can discover a moment that resonates with them.

Riten Huang, Senior Marketing Director at Thunder Fire Studio, stated:

Project Mugen is our love letter to urban fantasies. We wanted to produce a world that players could relate to, yet discover sufficient mysteries to keep them coming back. The city lives, and every gamer will have their special journey through it.

The stunning trailer reveals gamer characters wall-running, using a grappling hook, and even driving lorries in Project Mugen. Fight will be a team-based affair, with players handling 4 characters and using the environment to beat their enemies. No release date has been set yet, however you can pre-register your interest on the official website.

Keep reading to get more information about the video game’s setting.

Players step into the role of an Esper, called the “Infinite Trigger.” This top investigator navigates through lively cities, facing abnormalities and supernatural incidents that threaten the balance of this unique urban paradise. Along the journey, players will partner with numerous Espers, each with their own stories, to deal with the Chaos threatening humanity. Dive deep into the secrets, explore the city life, and forge memorable memories with your companions. As gamers browse through the game, they’ll start a mission to recuperate lost memories, confront obstacles in numerous distinct cities, and work to open the key to conserving the world.

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