TCL’s Fold ‘n Roll concept. 


TCL is continuing in order to explore rollable and collapsible devices. After detailing some brand-new 20 Series phones, upon Wednesday the Chinese business, best reputed for its TVs, provided a brand new look regarding how it sees the particular future of phones. The new concept device is definitely the hybrid between the foldable phone and a rollable one, although the makes portray a device which is much sleeker than the particular Frankenstein idea may show up. 

Previously revealed by within March, the brand new company dubs the new device because the “Fold ‘n Roll.” It starts like a 6.87-inch phone whenever completely folded up, extends to an 8.85-inch phablet when unfolded plus then may become a 10-inch tablet by unrolling. Stefan Streit, general manager of worldwide marketing for TCL’s telephone business, displayed a non-working plastic vision of the particular concept to in a movie call prior to Wednesday’s announcement. 

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Unlike the company’s large triple-folding (or “trifold”) idea it displayed last year, Streit says this brand-new device will be “the exact same size like a regular smartphone” albeit a “little little bit thicker.” 

“I may carry this easily within my pocket and when I have to have more display space, I just you understand, open this and it becomes like a pill,” Streit says whilst adding that when he demands more screen he may “also roll it away to have a significant tablet.”

The TCL idea can expand from telephone to phablet to pill. 


There is not any timeline for whenever the device might appear into a product individuals can actually buy, yet TCL does have functioning prototypes of the idea in its labs. Streit says the company is definitely focusing on protecting the particular screen in its checks, acknowledging that “there’s very a lot of display on the exterior.”

Although this gadget is still within the labs, TCL is still going to release its first collapsible device in 2021. Streit wouldn’t disclose the precise physical proportions or pricing, yet teased that the item will be more inexpensive than other foldable products released over the previous year — such because the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which launched from $2,000. 

“For us, it doesn’t create sense to place the item at $2,500 or even even $1,500,” Streit says. As a more recent player in the telephone space, he acknowledges that will the particular company lacks “the brand strength.” 

With foldables, Streit sees the new technology being an “opportunity” for his company, observing that it provides a method for TCL to “really try to grab some space with this new category.”

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