Tesla driver blames eight-car pileup on Full Self-Driving

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According to a California Highway Patrol accident report acquired by CNN Business, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software application triggered an eight-car pileup in the San Francisco Bay Area in November. The chauffeur of the vehicle responsible for the accident informed authorities that the car braked unexpectedly, which led to 9 people being dealt with for minor injuries.

The report states that California Highway Patrol evaluated videos that showed the Tesla altering lanes and after that slowing to a stop on November 24, which occurred to be Thanksgiving.

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The car was taking a trip at about 55 miles per hour when it moved into the far left lane on Interstate 80 and braked abruptly, slowing down to about 20 miles per hour. A series of vehicles taking a trip at regular highway speeds ended up crashing into that Tesla and after that one another as a result. 4 ambulances were called to the scene, and 2 lanes of traffic were closed for an hour and a half as the lorries and their guests were removed.

It’s worth noting that California Highway Patrol wasn’t able to validate if Full Self-Driving was active when the accident occurred, as the driver declared, however a patrol representative told CNN Business this week that Tesla would have that information.

CNN Business also mentions that the mishap took place hours after Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted the following tweet commemorating the wide release of the Full Self-Driving Beta:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has actually been investigating Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software application for months. Back in February, the NHTSA exposed that Tesla owners were reporting that “quick deceleration can occur without caution, at random, and often consistently in a single drive.” The firm informed CNN soon after the Thanksgiving Day crash that it was gathering details from law enforcement and Tesla.

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