The Queen’s Gambit will surely have a field day at the Emmys.


The Emmys aren’t until September, but predictions are already rolling in, and Netflix has a stack of shows that could excel. From The Queen’s Gambit to The Crown and also Bridgerton, Netflix as always is within with a good shout.

Duds that will not be mentioned on this list include the recent Jupiter’s Legacy, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and Pet Stars — the contest show where owners put bathing suits on their French Bulldogs. Scroll down to see what you should be watching.

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Bridgerton is practically a show designed to be addictive. Known as Jane Austen using sex, the period piece includes a tad more going for it: With lavish production design and colorful costumes, this really is Regency London like you’ve rarely seen it. In the first 19th century dating scene, the Bridgerton siblings’ adventures in love are captured by a scandalous newsletter, authored by Regency London’s version of Gossip Girl, voiced by none other than Julie Andrews. Settle in for this gorge-worthy viewing.

The Queen’s Gambit


How do you make chess the thrilling centerpiece of a coming-of-age tale? You shake it into a cocktail of stylish visuals, a rocking ’60s soundtrack as well as the magnetic Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, one of the youngest (and few female) chess players on earth. The fictional story in The Queen’s Gambit, named after a chess opening, follows her rise from an orphanage to toppling the best players on earth — as long as her drug addiction and bags of wine bottles don’t get in the way.

The Crown