The Bixby Voice Cloning Feature is Finally Rolling Out to More Samsung Galaxy Devices

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A great deal of us were under the impression that Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, was not going to last a long period of time. Nevertheless, that never taken place due to the fact that Samsung is making certain that there are a growing number of adapters to this voice support, and the business is likewise routinely adding new functions. The current function is the capability to clone the user’s voice.

Bixby’s capability to clone your voice is one of the coolest functions we have seen on any voice assistant

Samsung has actually decided to present the voice cloning function on Bixby to more devices and areas. This will really help users tape their voice into the voice assistant and then, with the help of AI, have a cloned voice that will basically talk back to the user when triggered– a practical function, if not scary.

Now, it is worth noting that the function is rolling out in phases and not to everyone. For example, I could not discover this function on my Galaxy S22 Ultra and asked a couple of other people, and even they have not gotten the update. The function is still rolling out, so it will take a while before your Bixby gets an update and you can get access to it. Until then, we are going to have to see and wait how it advances.

Honestly, I had no idea that Samsung was actively working on Bixby. After all, it is far from the perfect voice assistant, but the voice cloning function looks quite cool. Sure, it may have some missteps in the start, however thinking about how it is based upon expert system, it is safe to state that the feature is going to get much better with time.

Keep in mind, the feature is still not entirely rolled out, so it can use up to months prior to it concerns everybody. I have actually upgraded Bixby to the most recent variation and will be keeping an eye on it. As soon as the feature rolls out globally, we will let you know.

Considering how Samsung has now updated Bixby with among the most essential features, I am anticipating seeing what other functions make their way onto the app. It definitely is an advantage that the company is making its voice assistant a lot more pertinent than it was prior to with brand-new functions.

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