The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Alestara Mod is a City Expansion Adding Alestara City, New NPCs, Quests, Guilds

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With The Elder Scrolls VI still being years away, fans of the series may well immersive themselves as soon as again in The Elder Scrolls V. This brand-new Skyrim Alestara mod for Skyrim: Special Edition includes a dynamic brand-new city to the video game.

Not just does this remarkable brand-new mod include The Imperium: Alestara City to the world of Skyrim, however it likewise loads brand-new NPCs, missions, tradition, guilds, and new activities. Excellent, this mod is still a work in development, and some bugs are to be anticipated. “The Imperium: Alestara City is an extensive and immersive mod that presents the spectacular city of Alestara to the world of Skyrim”, mod developer ‘DominicGraham1994’ composes. “With its abundant tradition, detailed architecture, and varied population, Alestara uses gamers a fascinating brand-new center filled with missions, special NPCs, guilds, and chances for experience. Whether you’re a battle-hardened Dragonborn or a curious tourist, this mod brings a fresh layer of enjoyment to your Skyrim experience.”

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We’ve consisted of some screenshots of the mod in action listed below along with some crucial functions:


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