The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be The “Ultimate Fantasy World Simulator”, Todd Howard Says

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The Elder Scrolls VI is setting out to be a game like really few others, judging from a current declaration from Bethesda’s Todd Howard.

Asked by GQ about the next entry in the series, Todd Howard revealed how the group wants it to fill the function of the ultimate dream world simulator. Clearly, how the video game will accomplish it hasn’t been defined, but Howard included how there are different ways to accomplish this given how much time passed considering that the game’s statement five years back.

Discussing The Elder Scrolls VI’s statement, Todd Howard was asked if he was sorry for announcing the video game too early. “I have actually asked myself that a lot,” he said. “I do not know. I most likely would’ve announced it more casually.”

Having been focused on the advancement of Starfield, it is not a surprise that a release window for The Elder Scrolls VI has yet to be revealed. The last game that Todd Howard is likely to direct is obviously targeting a 2026 release window, which sounds a little unreasonable, considering it was previously mentioned that the 6th primary entry in the series is at least five years away. Outside of being in advancement, very little is presently learnt about the game, which is reported to be set in Hammerfell.

The Elder Scrolls VI releases on a yet-to-be-confirmed release date. We will keep you upgraded on the video game as quickly as more been available in on it, so remain tuned for all the most recent news.

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