The Latest Apple ‘Scary Fast’ Event Was Shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max

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If there was ever an award for the shortest launch event, I think it would go to Apple as the Scary Fast event for the latest Mac announcements was only thirty minutes long. During this event, the company showcased the latest M3 family of chipsets, the latest MacBook Pro refresh, and the iMac refresh that has been overdue for some time. Apple executives wrapped up the event to ensure that everyone had plenty of time to rest and then order their favorite products, but aside from the mighty impressive M3 chipset, there was another message that was hidden away and was revealed towards the end of the event.

Apple shows off its hardware in more ways than one at the Scary Fast event

You see, Apple's events are notorious for having top-tier production quality that can easily rival the likes of big-budget movies. I have been covering tech events for as long as I can remember and have never seen something that rivals what the Cupertino giant is capable of doing. This year's event, however, was apparently shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max entirely, with editing being done on a Mac.

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Towards the end of the 'Scary Fast'  Apple event, we saw a message saying, "This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac.” And if you were like us and you sat through the event, you would have also lauded the production quality and how good everything looked during the event. However, upon closer inspection of the fine print, we even discovered that all "presenters, locations, and drone footage" were also shot using an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which, to me, is impressive.

Now, of course, it is entirely possible for Apple to just pick an iPhone 15 Pro Max straight out of the box and shoot this amazing-looking event. However, let's not forget that the editing took place on a Mac, and knowing the prowess that the company has in editing. There must be a lot of work put into the process of making the event look as good as it did. This, however, does not discount just how good the iPhone 15 Pro Max is with its cameras.

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