The Surprise Item Crafters Never Knew They Could Get From Ryobi

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ryobi glue gun in front of wreath

Ryobi is a popular power tool manufacturer for people looking to save a few bucks, while still building a reliable collection of hardware. The Home Depot-exclusive brand offers a wide variety of options, ranging from chainsaws and leaf blowers, to power drills and glue guns. Glue guns not only come in handy for bathroom remodels, but you can also pick one up for arts and crafts as well.

The Ryobi P305 and P307 Glue Guns are both good options to choose from. For simple arts and crafts, you can stick with the P305, as that'll cost $29.97. The bigger brother P307 costs $62.65, more than doubling the price. The difference between the two is some added bonuses like interchangeable nozzles and dual temperature settings for the P307. You'll also get 10 glue sticks included with the purchase of the P307 compared to just three with the P305. 

These glue guns are both within the 18V Ryobi ecosystem, meaning you can use the same batteries that come with the glue guns with other 18V ONE+ Ryobi tools. If you grab the cheaper P305, you can add a set of interchangeable nozzles later on as a separate purchase if you want to upgrade later.

What happens if you need a refill?

person using ryobi pink glue stick

If you notice your glue sticks running dry and you have none left, luckily, Ryobi has plenty of ways to stock your glue supply back up. Crafters who want to use glue as a functional and stylistic part of the art can also opt for a colored tube of glue. You're able to get packs of six pink, teal, lime green, and maroon sticks from Ryobi for $21.97 in a variety pack. 

This isn't worth it if you're using the glue just stick something to the wall, but instead, it's geared toward using it as part of the design. If you don't need all of those colors, you can opt for a smaller set of warm or cool colors. The glue works on wood, plastic, ceramics, fabrics, and cardboard, so there's not going to be many places where you can't break out the glue sticks and get to work on a project.

If you're not in need of colored glue, perhaps glow in the dark sticks could be more up your alley. Ryobi offers a 24-pack of them for $23.46. The bundle would be perfect for making wall decals like stars and planets for a child's bedroom. Of course, if you're looking for a simple refill of regular glue, Ryobi offers that as well. A 24-pack can be had for $11.47, much cheaper than the glow in the dark and colored sticks.

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