The Top 10 Gadget Gifts Every Tech Lover Wants In 2023

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In a world where everything can seemingly connect to the internet and interact with other devices, gadgets are becoming ever more important to everyday life. With each passing week, it seems like there are new pieces of tech available that push the boundaries of what is possible. This year in particular has already seen some brilliant devices hit store shelves and there's been no shortage of impressive gadgets in 2023.

So, how do you know which gadget to prioritize when there are so many options available to buy? Fortunately, we've collated some of the very best gadgets and tech devices that you can go out and buy right now. Based on our own reviews, all of these gadgets have received high praise, and you can be sure that they'll make the perfect gift for any tech lover.

Whether it's powerful gaming machines or smart devices designed to make your life easier, here are 10 spectacular devices that are definitely worth getting excited about in 2023.

Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple AirPods Pro 2 on desk

Just a decade ago, the idea of wireless headphones becoming dominant might have seemed fanciful. The technology for reliable and high-quality audio streaming at an affordable sound system simply wasn't there. However, that's all changed in the last few years to the extent that the iconic headphone jack has all but disappeared from smartphones as the popularity of wireless earphones has grown rapidly. Picking the right pair isn't an easy task, though, and there are some common mistakes people make when choosing their wireless headphones.

Apple first introduced its line of Bluetooth wireless earbuds in 2016, launching them alongside the iPhone 7. In more recent years, the company has since launched the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max, two more expensive models that offer additional features compared to the entry-level standard AirPods. The latest release, the AirPods Pro 2, delivers high-quality audio and great battery life.

These earbuds offer a broader frequency range when it comes to music, boosting the performance of songs in genres such as rock, hip-hop, pop, and even dance music, although the bass level is still somewhat lacking. Perhaps the best feature of the AirPods Pro 2 is the Active Noise Cancellation, which can help cut out background noise and allow you to fully focus on what you are listening to. Combining that with an impressive battery life and the seamless way the AirPods Pro 2 can switch between different Apple devices makes them a must-buy for iPhone users.

DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro on the ground

Commercial drones have skyrocketed in recent years, moving from the realms of being purely expensive military devices to ones that can be piloted by ordinary people or used by companies to deliver products. For someone looking to buy a drone and see what all the fuss is about, the DJI Mini 4 Pro is a great option.

In his review of the drone for SlashGear, Andy Zahn found that the DJI Mini 4 Pro's only downside was that it didn't offer all that much more than its predecessor. Instead, it was an evolutionary step forward that refined the concept. That might make it a bit less desirable to those who already own a DJI drone, but it also makes the DJI Mini 4 Pro a great introduction to the world of drones. In fact, tech lovers would be hard-pressed to find a better drone that can combine affordability and portability.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro weighs just over eight ounces, which makes it small enough to be carried around inside a coat or jacket pocket. That makes it incredibly light compared to many of its competitors while also offering the added advantage of being easier to pilot when it is in the air — all while avoiding restrictive regulations that govern heavier drones. With a long-lasting battery that can keep the drone in the air for hours at a time and excellent image quality for both pictures and 4K video, this device puts most larger and more expensive competitors to shame.

Eufy S330 Video Smart Lock

Eufy S330 Video Smart Lock

The world of technology is constantly moving forward and companies are producing more and more elaborate smart home devices that can connect to the internet and be controlled remotely. In fact, there's likely a smart version of almost anything you can think of in your home — even examples that you might never have imagined. While some of them may not be all that useful, one area where smart features are very functional is security. It's a crowded market, for sure, but there are some home security products that stand out from the crowd.

The Eufy S330 Video Smart Lock is certainly one of them. As a smart lock, it combines the qualities of a doorbell camera with a deadbolt lock that can be operated without a traditional key. With this particular model, users are given the option of using a code or their own fingerprint, although a wireless key can also be used. It is also relatively pain-free to install and calibrate, with our reviewer able to get it set up without too much hassle.

Unlike some similar options, such as the Ring ecosystem, Eufy's products don't require a subscription and instead utilize non-subscription-based local video storage. With an SD card or other storage solutions, users can save recorded video footage directly from the camera so it doesn't have to be uploaded to a cloud-based service. There are also the added benefits of a user-friendly app that allows for a lot of customization options and a doorbell that acts as a Wi-Fi bridge to help combat latency.

Tapo Wire-Free Magnetic Security Camera

Tapo Wire-Free Magnetic Security Camera

With so many security camera options available, choosing the right one to protect your home is not an easy task. There are cheaper cameras that may not offer all the functionality of a more costly model, while many more advanced cameras can be prohibitively expensive. That's where TP-Link steps in with the Tapo Wire-Free Magnetic Security Camera.

Helping the Tapo Wire-Free Magnetic Security Camera differentiate itself is the fact that it can operate entirely without any cables, and a high-capacity battery means the camera can run for up to 300 days before needing to be recharged. Because it is a TP-Link product, it can also work with a variety of other Tapo devices in the company's range, including the A200 solar charging panel, so that it will continuously recharge and won't have to be taken down to connect to a USB socket as the battery won't run out of power.

In our review, the device was found to be incredibly easy to install, especially as only two screws are needed, thanks to the magnetic connectors that keep it firmly in place. It can be up and running in just a few minutes and can be easily adjusted so that you can change its position without any real fuss. Similarly, connecting it to other Tapo devices or a smartphone so you can monitor the footage and get alerts is also a simple process, while AI technology gives you options only to be alerted by certain types of movements, such as pets or vehicles.

Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro home screen

While Samsung and Apple may dominate the world of smartphones, Google has been making inroads since 2016 when it first launched the Pixel brand. The most recent release in this line is the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, two high-end gadgets that hit store shelves in October 2023.

Google has never tried to compete directly with Apple and Samsung in terms of raw power. Instead, its Pixel phones have always eschewed the most powerful top-of-the-line components to instead focus on AI-powered features and machine learning. The Pixel 8 Pro takes this to completely new levels, offering impressive improvements such as the Magic Eraser, Zoom Enhance, and Best Take that are not available on other devices.

The Pixel 8 Pro also comes with a vastly improved camera that can take in almost twice as much light as its predecessor to produce more detailed images. A brand new Tensor G3 chip can run double the amount of machine learning models directly on the phone to power features such as the Audio Magic Eraser. Those purchasing a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro can also have confidence the smartphones won't become obsolete in the near future, with Google promising seven years of system updates and security patches.

Garmin Venu 3

Garmin Venu 3 on wrist

For many people, the argument over which smartwatch is best largely comes down to the ecosystem they use. Apple users will obviously have a lot of positive things to say about the Apple Watch, while Android users have a variety of Wear OS-enabled devices from the likes of Google and Samsung. While these options are all good, they work best when combined with the corresponding smartphone running a compatible operating system.

The Garmin Venu 3 sits as a sort of third option that can work well with both iOS and Android — or even without any smartphone at all — with a particular focus on health and fitness. Sure, the watch does offer some additional features and will display notifications but it concentrates on tracking exercise and monitoring their health, like most Garmin products. Beyond that, this is a stylish gadget with a minimalist design and an incredibly bright screen so it can be easily read even in direct sunlight.

Featuring water resistance of 5ATM and a long-lasting battery life, the Garmin Venu 3 offers a lot of versatility for users. It can remain powered for more than a week and track a wide array of exercises, including mapping out runs with GPS assistance so you can see exactly how far and how fast you moved. The Garmin Venu 3 also monitors a selection of health metrics, giving you a good idea about your sleep, stress levels, and general well-being.

Sonos Era 100

Sonos Era 100 speaker on desk

Smart speakers have quickly become one of the must-have devices for homes. They offer a variety of functions in one small package, from the ability to play music to being able to answer questions or provide information and alerts on demand. There are some major players in this particular field, including Amazon's Echo range, Google's Nest speakers, and Apple's HomePods.

While these three may well dominate the market, there are other options from third-party manufacturers that can do just as good a job — if not better, in some cases. Sonos has slowly been establishing itself as a viable option and the Sonos One is well regarded. Now the company has launched the Sonos Era 100, a $249 smart speaker that is designed to look and sound great. With 3.5mm line-in support in addition to WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support, users have plenty of options when it comes to choosing how they want to play music over the speaker or control it with other devices.

Yet, the biggest seller of the Sonos Era 100 and its predecessors is its audio quality. This new smart speaker has native stereo support and a broader soundstage, offering more bass and a larger frequency range. The fact that it can work with a wide variety of music streaming services makes it perfect for households where users own different smartphones across Android and iPhone. The only real downside is that it doesn't yet support Google Assistant, although both Amazon Alexa and Sonos' own voice command system are available.

Eureka E10S

Eureka E10S on the floor

Keeping a house tidy is a never-ending job that doesn't ever really get any easier, especially if you have children or pets. One of the most essential items in the fight against dirt is a vacuum cleaner, and a variety of companies have begun to offer robot vacuums. These handy devices don't require you to control them directly, as they simply move around rooms on their own, hoovering up any dirt in the process.

There's no doubt that Roomba, an Amazon-owned brand, is the most well-known robot vacuum maker, but the likes of Eureka are now muscling in and trying to grab a significant share of the market. The award-winning Eureka E10S is one of the more recent releases and is a mid-range option that will likely appeal to the vast majority of tech lovers who want to free up some time from having to vacuum their homes manually.

Utilizing a LIDAR system, the device avoids obstacles and maps out rooms so that it can clean in the most efficient manner. Yet, it won't bump into people or pets and can transition quickly between different types of flooring. With the official Eureka app, the E10S can be programmed with specific schedules and users can also set zones and maps that the robot vacuum will follow so that it can focus on certain areas or avoid potentially dangerous parts of the house. A bagless design and impressive sucking ability make the Eureka E10S one of the best mid-range robot vacuums available.

Nikon Zf

Nikon Zf

The demand for compact digital cameras is not as high as it once was, as most people now walk around with very capable cameras that are more than suitable for capturing moments in everyday life. Of course, they aren't perfect, and smartphone cameras still have some issues that mean they can't quite match the adaptability and quality of a dedicated digital camera.

For those who want to get the very best photographs, the Nikon Zf is an option worth considering. Despite looking like a vintage camera from a previous era, it is a thoroughly modern gadget with impressive specs. This lightweight and portable camera is available in a wide range of colors, has a fully articulating display, and offers an impressive amount of features for its price. That makes it great value for money despite a few minor issues.

The most important aspect when judging any camera, though, is the quality of its photographs. In his review for Slash Gear, Andy Zahn praised the image quality. In particular, the color rendering and low light performance proved to be exceptional, while the Nikon Zf also performs well when shooting in monochrome. Nikon's Snapbridge smartphone app also gives users the ability to quickly download any photographs, update the camera, and operate the device remotely.

Lenovo Legion 9i

Lenovo Legion 9i

When it comes to gaming, there are generally two options for players. Either they go with a console, such as the PS5 or Xbox Series X, or choose a powerful desktop computer. However, a third alternative that is becoming more viable is the gaming laptop. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible for laptops to compete with traditional desktops while offering the added bonus of being portable.

The Lenovo Legion 9i is widely considered to be the very best gaming laptop on the market, although the power it provides comes at a price, as the laptop starts at well over $3,000. For that money, users get an ultra-portable laptop that is both thin and light — weighing less than six pounds and measuring just 22.7mm thick — and offers top-tier gaming performances virtually unmatched by any other laptop.

Powered by an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and a Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 graphics card, the laptop also comes with 32GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage capacity. That's more than enough to run even the most performance-heavy games at their highest settings. Meanwhile, the laptop comes with liquid cooling to keep everything running smoothly and features RGB LEDs to give it a stylish appearance. There's also everything from an SD card reader to HDMI ports, as well as connections that support Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C, so you can feel confident that the Lenovo Legion 9i will support any peripheral or accessory you want to use.

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