Is this Jane Russell?


Netflix’s latest psychological thriller The Woman in the Window actually doesn’t let up, disclosing twist after twist till, like Amy Adams’ Dr. Anna Fox, your face is slightly spinning. An agoraphobe whose diet contains supplements and wine, she’s pressured to slowly piece collectively her hazy reality — plus a murder that might or might not have used place.

If you zoned out during the numerous reveals or found your self lost by the finish, here are a several answers in order to up any kind of lingering questions.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

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Amy Adams’ Anna Fox is forced to arrive to terms with a number of hard truths.


What occurred to Anna’s family?

In voiceover, we hear Anna happily chatting with the girl husband Ed (Anthony Mackie) plus 8-year-old daughter Olivia evidently on the phone, but all of us don’t see them intended for the most part from the film. Anna explains she will be separated from her spouse, but it slowly gets clear something else will be up. When Anna brings the particular picture Julianne Moore’s Jane drew plus signed to Detective Little (Brian Tyree Henry) and Norelli’s (Jeanine Serralles) interest, her reliability is once again brought into question. She says that if the girl husband were here, this individual would believe her. Then Det. Norelli not too delicately falls the bombshell: “Dr. Fox, your family is inactive.”

How did Anna’s spouse and daughter die?

In a flashback, we sign up for the Fox family traveling to the mountains for any Christmas skiing trip. Anna’s strained relationship with Ed is teased out, Ed unhappy about putting upon a “happy family” top for daughter, after Anna cheated on him. Anna then receives a cell phone call from an Unknown Caller, who Ed suggests will be “him” and they also struggle more than the phone. Anna requires her eyes off-road — and their car hurtles off the side from the mountain, killing her spouse and daughter. Anna is constantly on the relive the traumatic experience of constant visions of whirling snow.

What pills will Anna take?

After trying suicide, Anna has already been seeing therapist Dr. Landy (Tracy Letts) for nearly the year to address the girl depression. Believing she’s cut down her drinking problem, Dr. Landy prescribes her Elevan, a medication that provides unwanted effects when taken along with alcohol. Because Anna has certainly not stopped her taking in, she experiences hallucinations, which includes her phone conversations along with her dead husband. Elevan could be a mention of the the particular real-world drug Eleva, the medicine used for the treating major depression in grownups.

Ethan (Fred Hechinger) is even more than a troubled child.


What happened with Ethan in Brookline?

When Anna 1st meets Ethan Russell, he shows up to be a nice teenager dropping off the welcome gift from their mom, the real Jane Russell, aka Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character. Yet while Alistair Russell (Gary Oldman) will be Ethan’s real father, Jane Russell isn’t his biological mom. His biological mother will be Katie, aka Julianne Moore’s personality, who Anna had thought was Jane Russell. They each just occur to favor the particular same blonde haircut. Troubled teen is an tiefstapelei. Ethan, who doesn’t really love his biological mom, discovered his love associated with watching people die right after he pushed Pamela Nazin, Alistair’s assistant, from her sixth-floor terrace in Brookline. Soon after this incident, Alistair transferred the family in order to Manhattan.

Who’s the genuine Jane Russell?

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Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the particular real Jane Russell.


The first-time we meet “Jane Russell” she will be Julianne Moore’s version, a great artist who takes treatment of Anna after children throw eggs at the girl townhouse on Halloween plus she suffers a fainting spell. When Anna says, “You’re Jane Russell,” the woman responds “What makes you state that?” She by no means confirms her identity, expertly dodging any personal queries. Later, Anna shows David (Wyatt Russell) a picture from the woman, after witnessing the girl murder in the Russells’ apartment. David reveals that will she’s not Jane yet Katie, Ethan’s birthmother. The woman who later shows up to be Alistair’s spouse and who introduces little as Jane Russell is definitely who else she says she actually is.

Who’s Katie — aka Julianne Moore’s personality?

David, who had a one night time stand with Katie plus apparently a lengthy discussion regarding who she actually is, reveals Katie’s true identity as Ethan’s birthmother. He says that will Katie and Alistair Russell had been in a relationship prior to Katie left eight weeks into her pregnancy. Alistair spent two years monitoring her down, finally getting her in a meth commune in Oregon. He took Ethan, while the girl visited prison. Alistair wedded Jane and the Russells hid from Katie intended for years, until she discovered them in Boston, regardless of Alistair paying her in order to stay away. Katie trails them down after their particular swift move to New York, appearing inside their house several times until she will be murdered.

Julianne Moore’s character will be really Katie, not Jane Russell.


What’s David’s criminal record?

Anna ventures into David’s basements room to ask your pet if he ever fulfilled Jane after working intended for Alistair. She discovers characters from the Boston devise board. He owns upward, saying he’s “in infringement,” supposed to become in Springfield, Massachusetts, since of a bar battle. He was in the incorrect place at the incorrect time and merely “reacted.” He then your punches the wall, illustrating their point. When Anna calls David to having Jane’s coronet, David tells the law enforcement the truth, how the coronet belongs to Katherine, also known as Katie, a woman who else stayed with him a single night.

Why did Ethan kill David?

On Wednesday, the particular day after Anna satisfies “Jane,” Anna listens to a scream and yelling from the Russells. She sees “Jane,” also known as Katie, leave (after Katie had presumably frightened the particular real Jane and battled with the Russells), after that goes downstairs to request David whether he noticed the particular commotion. In the background, she can listen to a woman crying. Little does she know, they have Katie, staying with David with nowhere else to visit. In Ethan’s own words, this individual killed David because “he deserved it. He rested with my mom plus got her all pissed off. And then plonked her out. She may have just gone apart if he’d left the girl alone. Then maybe nothing of this would possess happened.”

Who killed ‘Jane Russell’ aka Katie?

On Thursday, Anna sees Katie inside the particular Russells’ apartment and silently roots for her within what appears to become a spat with Alistair. Moments later, a knife will be protruding of Katie’s belly. We don’t see who else place it there, but Anna assumes it’s Alistair. We later find out this was really Ethan. After Ethan murders David, he notifies Anna that he have been secretly letting himself straight into her townhouse and that will he was the a single who took the scary photo of her getting to sleep.

Anna deduces that Ethan killed his mother. He implies it was since Katie failed at the girl job of taking treatment of her family. He knows so what happened to Anna’s family, saying she as well failed at her a single job. He reveals that will he enjoys watching individuals die (he’s 15 yrs old, in case a person forgot) which he mortally wounded Pam. He says this individual would have enjoyed viewing Anna commit suicide.

After Ethan dies by falling by means of the skylight, Detective Little shows the Russells are within custody and Katherine Melli’s entire body was discovered in Fort Lee. Great timing. It just isn’t clear simply how much the Russells covered for Katie’s demise, but given they desired her from their existence, it’s possible they assisted dispose of the entire body. It’s likely they assisted cover for Pam’s demise too.

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