This 4K Camera Drone Avoids Obstacles Automatically At A Price You Won't Believe

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4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

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TL;DR: If you're new to flying quadcopters, this 4K dual-camera drone makes it easy to get started. Right now, it's 42% off MSRP.

Piloting a quadcopter for the first time can be pretty intimidating — particularly if your machine costs four figures. The 4K Dual-Camera Drone solves this problem with beginner-friendly controls, and it's now only $69.97 (reg. $119) through November 16th.

In theory, anyone who likes taking pictures or playing games should enjoy piloting a drone. You can capture amazing views from an aerial perspective, and the controls are very similar to those for driving virtual vehicles.

The only tricky part is getting started. Just taking off can feel a little shaky if you're not used to the experience. That's why this 4K Dual-Camera Drone is worth your attention.

Made specifically for inexperienced pilots, this flying machine is really easy to control and packed full of great features. Optical flow positioning ensures the drone remains stable from the minute it leaves the ground, and you can get the drone to hold position with a single button tap.

With Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance, gesture control and dual cameras

Drone in flight

Once airborne, you can control the drone using various intelligent flight modes. Automatic obstacle avoidance means accidents are unlikely, and the drone can even recognize hand gestures.

The dual cameras capture crisp video at 4K and HD resolution. One faces forward, and the other faces down. LED lights help with flying after dark, and you can livestream a first-person view from up to 328 feet away.

It's also a great way to get outside, get fresh air, and be amongst nature. And, because it's small and foldable, you can simply fold up the drone and store it in your backpack after landing.

It's typically priced at $119, but you can get the 4K Dual-Camera Drone today for only $69.97 through November 16th at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Prices subject to change.

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