This Starfield PlayStation 5 Icons Mod Does At Least Provide A Bit of a PS5 Experience

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This Starfield PlayStation 5 icons mod is your best choice for experiencing Bethesda’s struck with some PS5 vibes.

Starfield is out now through early gain access to on both PC and Xbox and as covered earlier today, modders have currently launched different mods for Betheda’s sci-fi RPG. A lot has actually been blogged about the video game not launching on PS5 following Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda in 2020 (the offer was finished in 2021). Remarkably enough, some months earlier, Xbox manager Phil Spencer acknowledged that Microsoft purchased Bethesda to stop Sony from getting Starfield exclusivity. ““When we got ZeniMax among the motivation for that is that Sony had actually done an offer for Deathloop and Ghostwire … to pay Bethesda to not deliver those video games on Xbox”, Spencer stated throughout statement in the Microsoft/Activision-Blizzard FTC case. “So, the conversation about Starfield when we heard that Starfield was possibly likewise going to wind up avoiding Xbox, we can’t remain in a position as a third-place console where we fall even more behind on our content ownership so we’ve needed to protect material to stay practical in business.”

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With the huge title that Starfield is, and the video game now being special to Xbox and PC, you can picture the dissatisfaction for some wishing to have actually taken pleasure in the video game on PlayStation 5. Fortunately, modder ‘EASKATER’ has actually now launched a mod that, in a manner, offers a PS5 experience while playing Starfield on PC. The PS5 Icons mod changes the Xbox icons to the renowned PlayStation icons, which may be helpful for PC gamers playing the video game with a DualSense controller. Going through the remarks made by users of the mod, there are still some bugs at this moment, and it appears that it just supports English. We’re quite sure that future variations of the mod will deal with a few of the bugs.

Those thinking about experimenting with this Starfield PlayStation 5 icons mod can download it from Nexusmods here – it’s most likely your best choice to get some PS5 vibes while playing the video game. Here’s what we blogged about Bethesda’s most current title in our launch evaluation:

“At the start of my journey in Starfield, my experience was undoubtedly rather dull and dull, however as I gathered more Artifacts and got associated with the stretching sci-fi universe developed by Bethesda, I began heating up the video game, specifying that I have some trouble putting it down. While Starfield improves more than innovates the common Bethesda formula, it is certainly among the very best video games ever made by the studio and among the year’s finest titles.”

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