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This Week at Bungie details weapon crafting at the Enclave in Destiny 2

Ahead of the launch of the new Witch Queen expansion, the team at Bungie explains details about its new weapon crafting systems.

Things have been a bit busy over at Bungie over the last few weeks. The teams over there have been plugging away at the upcoming Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 that is supposed to arrive by the end of this month. Even more impactful, the studio is now a part of the Sony family as the console manufacturer made headlines by acquiring the veteran studio. In the first edition of This Week at Bungie since the big acquisition, the team opted to take a dive into the new weapon crafting system provided by the Enclave.

The Enclave is the new destination for Destiny 2 players to build high-end weapons. It is included as a part of The Witch Queen expansion. At a basic level, players must find Patterns (or a blueprint, if you will), the necessary materials required by the Pattern, and then bring them to the Enclave to make the weapon. 

Bungie says that crafting a powerful new weapon via the Enclave is just the start, as each of these crafted firearms has the ability to be enhanced through use in combat. Crafted weapons can be leveled by completing activities and shooting everything that moves. As players rank up their crafted weapon, it can be granted minor buffs to make it just a little bit more effective than before.

The developers are also offering players a way to further refine their crafting output. Existing weapons that drop can now carry a trait known as Deepsight Resonance. Weapons with this designation can be broken down for their most desirable traits or effect and those can be infused into crafted items from Patterns at the Enclave. Swapping out magazines, barrel attachments, and the like will be possible with Enclave-produced gear.

For more information on the Enclave and everything Bungie has in store for players when The Witch Queen finally drops on February 22, 2022, make sure to check out the full This Week at Bungie blog.