Threads is Now Available online After Over 70 Percent of Its Active Users Have Left

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Meta’s new Threads app caught worldwide hype at its launch and protected millions of users in the very first week. It was one of the most fastest-growing apps on iOS and the trend continued for a couple of weeks. However, the company stopped working to keep its users which caused the app becoming a Twitter or X ripoff. While there were several factors for the failure, among the significant elements was the lack of a web platform. Now, Meta has actually finally released its Threads platform for the web, boasting similar functions to X.

The web version of Threads is now presenting internationally but delivers more or less the same experience

Meta’s Threads app released with some pretty basic functions and the user experience was quite similar to that of X (formerly known as Twitter). Twitter CEO Elon Musk remembered of the resemblances and executed numerous functions. Threads, on the other hand, failed to introduce brand-new features for a while, keeping the user experience quite basic and sort of boring. Ultimately, the platform lost millions of active users, approximately more than 70 percent. Now, the company is working to pick up speed again by introducing the Threads app for the web.

Despite the fact that Threads is now offered on the web, the success of the platform is not guaranteed. This is due to the fact that the platform provides more or less the same experience as that of its mobile counterpart. What this means is that the business has actually not unveiled any new functions that content creators or users can utilize for development. However, the business is dealing with presenting brand-new features that will bridge the gap with X and allow users to make a better option.

Threads on The Web now avaialble

It appears that Meta is rolling out the web variation of the Threads web version on a global scale. However, at the time of composing, the web version of the platform is not available in our region. It would be smart to wait if you are encountering a similar circumstance. The Threads web app will be available to everyone soon. In the previous Threads app upgrade, the business made some changes that will show content in a sequential way, or material from accounts that you follow. As for functions like Direct Message, you will have to wait.

Meta needs to be quick to add brand-new features to the mix. X took its reasonable share of time to reach the point where it is today and users would not want to wait once again for a platform that provides a comparable user experience. You can access the web variation by heading over to and see if it fits your choices and requirements better than that of X.

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