Ticketmaster states it will now institute 'all-in prices,' however here's what that truly implies

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Few companies generate as much anger and disappointment among consumers nowadays as Ticketmaster-- the ticketing behemoth that draws ire for whatever from its expensive charges to the approximate, lottery-style method it picks which consumers can even attempt to purchase tickets to start with.

As part of a Biden administration effort to punish scrap costs that generate millions of dollars for not just ticket companies however also organizations like banks and airlines, Ticketmaster and its moms and dad entity Live Nation signed up with a group of business on Thursday promising to impose "all-in rates" in the future. The concept is that customers will get a concept of the complete cost on the front end for whatever they're buying, instead of prior to checkout when all sorts of junk fees are added.

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There's a funny Ticketmaster meme you'll see being shared on social networks from time to time that highlights this shocking practice pretty well. And I'm betting you probably concur with its phrasing.

" Ticketmaster be like:

  • Concert ticket: $40
  • Venue charge: $21.32
  • Gain access to cost: $18.32
  • Paperless transmission fee: $12.03
  • Charge fee: $8.84
  • Fee fi fo fum fee: $8.84
  • Cuz we can charge: $2.01
  • May too fee: $1.89
  • WTF you going to do charge: $3
  • Another dollar will not hurt fee: $1 ″

I guess if we're being technical-- alright, fine, divulging these charges earlier in the ticket-buying procedure is technically a consumer-friendly relocation. But, really, if all we're doing is moving the frustrating and expensive add-on costs to previously in the buying process, essentially hiding them inside a grand total that will be disclosed on the front end, not just is the customer really not much better off in the long run.

However likewise: What incentive does Ticketmaster need to stop itself from now "concealing" more add-on fees inside that total cost? It's not like you 'd know, considering that the charges relatively won't be broken out anymore.

There's really a variety of legislation percolating in Congress at the moment, the majority of which has some connection to the concept of pressing Ticketmaster for more transparency on prices. With all due respect to the august members of the legislative branch of the federal government, however, the majority of customers who have an issue with Ticketmaster might not care less about that. They don't desire congressmen to merely make one of the things they hate about Ticketmaster more visible. They desire it to go away.

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was the federal government that also told us that the 2010 merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster would encourage competitors and lead to
lower ticket costs for consumers. But hey, maybe the government is in fact right this time. Don't Miss: Angry Taylor Swift fans are

taking legal action against Ticketmaster after the messed up Eras Tour ticket launch

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