TikToker's Wild Claim Suggests He Was Accidentally Sent 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max's When He Only Ordered Four

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Despite going through its reasonable share of problems after launch, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has actually handled to end up being the favored gadget for a great deal of individuals searching for a brand-new phone. It can quickly contend versus a few of the very best Android phones and offers a total experience. The phone has actually ended up being so popular that a TikToker in some way got 60 of the gadgets when he purchased simply 4.

Take care when buying several iPhone 15 Pro Max, as you may get 60 and even more gadgets from Apple

TiKToker, who passes the user name @legends_gio, purchased a number of iPhone 15 Pro Max's for his work. He bought one 1TB version and 3 256GB variations for his group. Upon getting the bundle, he got 60 iPhones in overall, and all of them were 1TB variations.

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Apple sent him 3 boxes with 20 iPhone 15 Pro Max's in each box, and each gadget was a 1TB variation. That amounts to around $96,000 in iPhones. Somebody at Apple is absolutely getting fired for this event.

@legends_gio Somebody reallyyy messed up #fyp ♬ initial noise - Legends_gio

Now, it is apparent that somebody at Apple made a huge error, and there are going to be effects, it is likewise essential to understand that these iPhones can be from another location bricked. Or Apple might really send out a notification to have these iPhone 15 Pro Max gadgets went back to the business. Whatever the case is, such events are not as typical in the tech world as we may believe, however when a business like Apple goes through with it, it is something that requires all the attention.

At the end of the day, we can just hope neither somebody at Apple nor the TikToker who got all these gadgets needs to go through the uncomfortable experience of recovering or returning these iPhones since nobody actually wishes to handle logistical problems.

News Source: TikTok

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