Trump has a new platform to share his thoughts. 

Donald Trump

Four months after being banned from Twitter and Facebook, Donald Trump launched a blog that allows readers to share the former president’s thoughts on both social networks. “From the desk of Donald J. Trump,” which launched on Tuesday, is billed as “a place to speak freely and safely” though readers don’t appear able to comment on his posts as of now.

The new blog consists of posts dating as far back as March 24 and contains sentiments anyone familiar with Trump’s posts on Twitter would recognize, although it gives the former president more than 280 characters to express himself. Buttons to the right of his posts allow readers to like or share a post on their own Twitter or Facebook feeds. 

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Even though Trump is banned from Twitter, a spokesperson for the company says sharing his posts on Twitter doesn’t violate the platform’s rules. It’s unclear if sharing content on Facebook — which suspended Trump — would go against its terms of service. Facebook hasn’t responded to a request for comment on Trump’s blog. 

The like button, indicated by a heart icon, doesn’t appear to be active currently.

Trump’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.



— Wiz Chadwick (@ChadwickWiz)
May 4, 2021

The launch comes ahead of a Wednesday decision from Facebook’s oversight board on whether the social media platform’s suspension of Trump will continue. The social network suspended Trump’s accounts on the social network and Instagram in January amid concerns the former president could incite violence like the Jan. 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill. The board tweeted its plans to release its decision on Monday morning.

Donald Trump
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